Playing with Fire: A new beginingMature

Ai awoke to the sun rising to the East, it was another warm day in the mangroves just like any other day in the jungle. She stood brushing the knots from her orange blond hair and streched. Her hand having fully healed from her skermish with the wolf.  Ai jumped form the tree that she had slept in that night and washed her face in the strem of fresh water as she thought back to the wolf. She had never seen such a large dog before, what was he? Ai had heard of the supernatural legends from her father but had never believed them. There was boud to be something out there besides shapeshifters but seeing it first hand was mind blowing to her. Ai had spent her whole life hear in the jungle, never venturing to far away or really interacting with anyone. With that she began to wonder what she was missing.What was the world really like, what kind of other cretures were real besides shifters and werewolves?

It was almost midday by the time Ai had tracked down the wolf from the day before. She had followed his unique sent to a place in the grove with many thickets and shrubs. She knew he was there, the aroma of his blood made her mouth water. Ai sunk down to the ground for a better look but froze when she saw a man instead. He really was a wherewolf, she thought,wondering what to do next. Her desire to kill him had dwindled with the discovery of his humanity. Just then the mans eyes flashed open, startled he let out a yelp and jumped up shifting into his wolf form. His shoulder fully healed now he snarled at her ready for a fair fight this time. Ai stepped back and mowed at him, then shifting back to her human self. "Wait!" She yelled holding up her hands in protest, as if that would protect her he he decided to strike. But the wolf didnt move. He simply stood motionless a few feet away from her. Ai slowly lowered her hands, "Who are you?" She askedtaking a step closer. The wolf did nothing so she took a few more steps toward him. "I have never met a wherewolf before,where do you come from?" She stopped about a foot away from his snout as he also shifted back to his human form.

Running his hand thru his short black hair the man spoke, "Im Ivan, I hail from the mountains of Bulgaria. I did not not know you were human as well." He inclined his head and continued, "Are you alone?" She frowned, "Yes." Ivan rubbed his shoulder for a moment and sat down on a log, "Im not suprised you having not seen another where in this area before. You look very young, what is your age girl?" Ai examined Ivan as he spoke to her. He looked about 30 and much taller then her, at least 6 feet. With a muscular physique and well endowed as well, the only thing that stood out were his red eyes. "My name is Ai and Im 16." She looked away for a moment. She felt embaresed by her age. She was so young but  having been on her own for so long she rarely thought of her age. Ivan shook his head, "So young," he said replied to her. "What you parents Ai?" He crossed his arms over his chest. Ai averted her gaze again, "Dead and gone." In truth Ai had no clue where they were or if they were or if they were even still alive. It didnt bother her anymore though, it had been so long since she had seen them she barely rembered what they looked like.

"Your fighting abilities are very impresive young one." He said pulling her from her daze. "Have you ever been away from this place?" Ai shook her head. This had been her home her entire life. She knew nothing beyond the jungle and the stories her father had told her as a child. "Come with me and meet my Master. He will enjoy you emensely and I can teach you many things. Come?" Ai wasnt sure what he ment buy 'enjoy her' or 'master' but she was to curious to pass up his offer and agreed to travel with him. This was a chance for a new begining for herself. A chance to see what other powerfull and interesting cretures awaited her in the world away from the mangrove.

The End

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