Burning a trail: A lone wolfMature

The wolf ran as far as he could go until his leg gave out. He stifled another howl and licked his wound. The wolf knew what would happen if he let his guard down again. That tiger would come back or worse he would blackout and he did NOT want to pass out.  He pusched himself under some near buy shurbs to consceel himself from anything else that might be lurking around in the jungle. He knew he couldnt handle another fight with her. He lay resting thinking about their fight, his thoughts kept comming back to her eyes. There was something diffrent about them.He had never seen a tiger with such green eyes before and he had seen plenty of tigers before. Theywere almost human like,but he brushed the thought aside as he drifted to sleep in the safety of the brush. Tomarrow would be a hard day for him.

The End

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