Playing with Fire: A tigers tailMature

About a shapeshifter from the mangroves of South America and her journy thru the supernatural world.

The setting for the first is mangroves of SA (Ai)

Ai - A shapeshifter, tiger. Born and raised in the mangroves on the Estern coast of South America. Born not of love but nesity to preserve the were tiger race. Her parents abandoning her at the age of to fend for herself in the wild. Her father only giving her attention when he was trying to teach her something and her mother being to caught up in reviving to reignite their race to give Ai the time of day. So it was no shocker when they disapeared one day leaving her with nothing. As a result Ai spent most of her time in her other form,roaming the mangroves for her next meal.

After growing up a bit at 16 she found a new creture in the forest that she had never seen before. A huge wolf almost as big as her, half dead near the river. She watched the wolf carefully His shagy dark black fur being coated with the blood that was dripping from his wound. He was wining as the wolf tried to put weight on his front left leg but he simply stumbled into the mud again. Ai stalked closer, staying low and out of sight.SHe was down wind and could smell his blood. It was like nothing she had ever experenced before. The sweet aroma of his blood drew her in. As she was drawing in to pounce the dog noticed her and growled low at her,baring his sharp almost fang like teeth at her. She cercled the wounded animal snarling at him as well. The wolf raised to its feet trying to not look week, puffing himself up growling louder at her. Ai could see thru his show of false strength. She knew that his hined leg was unsuable. He could try to concel his pain but the blood was still dripping down his huge paws and off into the water. She hesitated for a moment and glanced over to the water, had the gators come yet? Ai had no desire to tangle with any aligators today. She thought back to the last time she had fought with agator and shuttered.

The wolf yelped at her and she turnedher attention back to him. His eyes glowed red,filled with anger and lust. Stupid creture, she though as she lunged for his throat. The wolf swated her away,slamming her to the ground before him. She swung a paw quickly knocking him off balance. Moving quickly she bit downonhis wounded leg. The wolf let out a  cry that could raise the dead, then almost as quicly as she had moved he attacked her. Clawing athis throat, she strugled to keep his fangs away from her. One good snap of his jaws around something vital, like an arm or her throat could be deadly. Then as if she had junxed herself he slipped from her grip and nipped her back paw. Ai screamed in pain with a loud roar and swung her free paw at his jaw,throwing him back a few feet away from her.The wolf howled at the sky and with a snarel in her direction turned  and ran into the trees. Furious, Ai rose up and licked her wound. It was minor but still painfull. SHe shook her head in disapoitment for having let the dog get away and retrited into the forest to look for drinking water.

The End

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