Playing With Fire - Knuckles's Point Of View

Knuckles the ginger kitten ends up in a LOT of trouble

My name is Knuckles and for your information, I am not an echidna. I am just a five year old ginger cat named after Knuckles the Echidna. My owner, Molly Howlett, is mutated and she accidently passed on one of mutations to me when I was born, telepathy. It means I can read minds so I know what you're thinking.

Molly is used to strange names so she didn't think it was weird to name me Knuckles (Knux for short). Her siblings Ashley (the nutter who wants to dye her hair ginger), Billie-Jean (who hates her name), Felix ,Georgia (who is known as Georgie) Sasha (addicted to opera and Sonic's brother) and Stevi-Ann (with BLUE hair) all named their pets after film or video game characters so Molly thought why not call me Knuckles. Stevi-Ann called her cat Sonic, ignoring the fact that a close friend of Molly's (Kiara Phillips aged 18- mutated but looks human) had a brother who is a cat and guess what he's called? That's right, Sonic!

The End

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