A note from the author...

Hey guys, MJ here.

Well, that's it. 'Playing Cards' is now officially complete. It's been fun writing each chapter and coming back here every hour of every day to see if I have any notifications, comments, ratings, etc. - a lot of the time with nothing, may I add - but I can honestly say that I don't think I would have completed this story without the support of everyone whose read it and demanded more.

I'm thinking on self-publishing 'Playing Cards' on Lulu.com either just for myself or the Lulu market (and maybe Amazon, I'm not completely decided just yet). So, I'm tweeking some of my old chapters and making them better, adding a little bit here and there and, generally, improving the overall level it was originally (and correcting crucial typos and grammar errors!)

If you loved 'Playing Cards' and are sad about it's completion, don't fret because I have a little something up my sleeve... a little thing called 'Chess Pieces'. It's the sequel to 'Playing Cards' and is available to read NOW on my author profile :) It follows our favourite heroine, Casey Stewart, as she continues her journey through motherhood whilst facing some difficulties along the way in both her social life and, more importantly, her love life.

Much love,


The End

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