Playing a Player

Akemi is a well known girl at her school for dating guys and then dump them. She loves toying with them. Then Jasper arrives at their school...will he be played or will be Akemi be the one who will fall hard?

Chapter one: Akemi

Her blue eyes scanned the grounds. A group of girls was laughing near the north side of the building, the smokers were in the smoking-area, three first years were messing around with a water bottle. It was like it always had been: a typical high school. But she was looking for someone. “Oi, Ace what are you thinking about?” the girl on her right side asked. “Nothing…which class do we have next period?” She questioned, diverting the talk towards something else than her mind. “We have English and then math. I hate to get my notes back. I was rushing through them, I didn’t really think about what I wrote down. Do you think Fisher will be pissed?” A boy on the left said. “Doubt it.” Ace, shortening for Akemi, answered. There he was, just entering the scene she had been watching for the past twenty minutes. He was perfect.

Now let me introduce Akemi. Pale, tall, the right curves, dark blue eyes and a mouth that could tell you a lot. At the moment she was sitting on a large stairway that lead to the door of the school. She sat at the top, she always did, while the rest of her friends occupied the lower steps. It almost looked like she was the queen or something. She was in a way. She could never make them do what they really didn’t but she did decide for a big part what really was out of the question or where they would sit. 

Akemi let her eyes follow the boy closely. Blond curls, brown eyes, a bit of an arrogant face but when he smiled he looked great. He was the perfect plaything. No, the perfect boyfriend. It was all the same to her. She swept her long straight, yet black hair back over her shoulder catching his attention. For a moment their eyes locked and she lowered her eyes to the ground. It was a sign of embarrassment but she was far from that. She knew how to play him. He was a typical type of arrogance to hide the little boy inside. She had seen it so many times it was almost funny. They all thought they were clever. Acting a bit like a macho, dressing according to the current dress-code, or never stray far from it, making sure to keep their heads high, it was a typical thing. She only had to watch their eyes closely to know what they really thought.

She had been doing this for three years now. Pick a good looking guy who had never really met her, made them succumb to her and when she was finished with them she ditched them. Everyone knew that she was not to be tamed, yet every guy in the school who was picked thought the same thing: I will be able to tame her. She used it to her advantage and it never failed her. She nudged a girl that sat three steps down. “Oi, Tammy who’s that?” She asked nodding a little in the said boys direction. “You mean the blond one? That’s Jasper Mason, recently moved here from Lancaster. There isn’t much to know about him. Smart, well dressed and a silent guy in class outside it not so much.” Tammy answered, once again proving why she was the spy of their little group. Akemi had probably been able to figure it out but it always took a while. Tammy was the easier route. ‘Yes’ Akemi thought ‘he was perfect for her next victim.’

‘Yes’ Jasper thought ‘She fell right into his hands.’

The End

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