Playful Girls

I imagine this old ramble to be set in world full of adventure. I wonder, I wonder..

Do you have to be so playful, Marina?”

Yup! Because I’m the younger sister. I have to be like an ittle kitten, Marissa.”

The two sisters, Marina and Marissa were sprawled out in a flower-filled meadow. They were dressed in identical white sundresses, with identical blonde hair that went down to their waist. They were identical twins, with Marina having been born only 5 minutes later than Marissa. The only distinguishing characteristic identifying them apart was the long braid on the left side of Marina’s hair.

Marina had her sister’s arms pinned above her head, with her bottom half planted firmly on the older girl’s stomach, keeping her pinned to the ground. Marissa just stared up at her sister with a look of indifference. Marina smirked and bent down, quickly pecking her big sister’s lips, then jumping up and running several yards away, as if expecting a chase. Marissa just slowly sat up, staring off in the other direction.

You know, mother would be looking for us.”

Mother can go eat a carrot! We are enjoying alone time right now.” Marina just laughed and twirled around several times, before falling down on the soft ground next to her sister. Marissa just yawned and slowly laid her head on her younger sister’s belly, looking up at the clouds.

You think we’ll actually ever see mother or father again?”

Probably not to be honest, big sister.”

I know that he took them away. Why didn’t he take us too?”

Because he knows that he wouldn’t be able to control us. We have the Powers, remember?”

Yeah… You ever wonder if we’ll be able to meet someone else like us?”

My love, there is no one like us.” Marissa bolted up right at the sound of a male’s voice. Several yards away was a tall, brown haired man with broad shoulders. His green eyes pierced the two girls from behind his long hair.

Kari!” The two exclaimed. Both of them were on their feet and in his arms in seconds. The tops of their heads barely came up to his chest and his easily lifted them from the ground, lifting them enough to kiss both of them squarely on the lips, as if it was custom.

You have been gone much too long…” Marissa laid her head on his left shoulder.

You should have come back sooner!” Marina nuzzled her face into his neck.

Well, I found something we needed. Remember that necklace? I found it.” Using a skill that was carefully practiced, he pulled a silver necklace out of his pocket, despite holding both of the girls.

It is so beautiful!”

And shiny!”

And now, we have everything except for…” They cut him off with a double kiss on his lips.

We know! Can you carry us back to the cottage now?” They both gave him puppy dog eyes.

I can’t deny the two most beautiful girls in the world. Now… did I ever tell you the story about the…”

The End

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