One Man on the ChessboardMature

After musing for a while on the rather sad state of humanity, his computer beeped. Joshua shelved his discourse, to be resumed when he inevitable faced another moment of utter boredom, and looked up at the screen in front of him. 

Only one line of text is displayed there. "One man on the chess board." His heart began to pound in his chest. He jumped up and ran to the keyboard and quickly reran the search to be certain. 

"Now? It happens now? After all this time....." The computer beeps again, the same one line of text on the screen. "Ok. Thirty-six hour be dammed. This is my job. No one had better dare to take it from me." 

Almost hesitantly, Joshua clicked on the line. His monitor goes black, then a small dialog box pops up, no text, just one line and a blinking cursor. He thinks for a moment, then rapidly types in a series of numbers and letters. Once again the screen goes black, but this time the rest of the monitors follow suit. Only the one in front of him opens a small folder, containing a map, a very brief dossier and oddly enough, a word document. He clicks on it and it opens.

"if you read this you are bound by the oaths you swore. there are only three orders. go to the place on he map by any means possible. inform no one of anything true. kill the rogue."

Joshua rereads the text many times, trying to find something more. "The first chess alert since I came here, and...this is it? It is almost a disappointment." 

He checked that map. It pointed to Rome. The very center of Rome. Vatican City.

The End

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