Play Hard .Mature

CHAPTER ONE ;   My legs tension as I bolted for the rolling ball . It seemed like everyone else was moving much faster than I was but that was hard to believe because I was the fastest girl on the team . I began trying to make my legs move faster but they felt stuck . Everything began to be a blur everything expect the ball . My heart began to beat faster and faster . My lungs felt as if they where ready to pop .  I began to get closer to the ball until I began to stumble but then , in that very second I the ball touched my cleat and I raised my leg behind me and gave it a swift kick . The ball like a bolt of lighting hit inside the net and I could hear the team cheering . My whole body let go and I fell to the ground in pain . I held my legs in pain . Tears came rushing down my pale cheeks . Insted of  crying silently I let out a roar of pain . The coach came running towards be and the whole team gathered around me in a circle . 

" Nobody touch her ! " I heard the coach yell . My eyes shut  , and after they shut I didn't remember a thing . 

CHAPTER TWO ;  I woke up in a bed . Not my bed . But a bed . I wasn't really to sure where I was .  I glared at the door in which had my name printed in bold letters on the front . I watched as an old wrinkled woman came slowly towards me . 

"Mariah you played great , I watched you , "

" Who are you ? " I asked clearing my throat . 

" My name is Claire Foster ,  I like to watch the soccer games that go on at the Dome , It reminds me of when I was a child ,  Soccer was always my favorite , I would have done anything to play " Claire said putting her small old fragile hands on top of mine . 

" What happened to me out of the field today? " I asked staring at her snow white hair . 

"You over worked your body , and you hurt your back and legs , " The old woman said . 

" May I speak to my mother , please ? " I said parting my dry lips . Claire shook her head and walked out of the room . Then all of a sudden my overwhelmed mother Isabella came dashing into my room . 

" Mariah ! Baby , are you okay ! What hurts ! " My mother yelled with fear in her voice . 

" Mom , i'm fine , calm down ,"I said smiling . 

" The Doctor said you could leave " My mother said with a over sized smile on her face . 

" Really ? Thats great , " I said feeling sharp pains in my back . My mother pushed her fire red hair behind her ears and she stood up and she pulled a wheelchair up beside my bed . 

" What's this ? " I asked . 

" Your wheelchair ? " She said arching her eyebrows inwards . 

" What ? I have a game tomorrow , I can't play in that ? " I said raising my voice . 

" You have to miss your game , Mariah , your hurt ! "  My mom yelled . I shook my head and tears slid down my face .  My mother helped me into my wheelchair and she quickly put me in the car and began to head for our house . 

CHAPTER THREE ;  I looked out the fogged up window . I wiped the fog off the window with my hand and I peered out the window .  I knew for a fact there was probably a good chance I wouldn't be going back to the Dome to play . 

" I'm not going back am I ? I'm not allowed to play Soccer anymore , Right ? " I said staring at mirror that showed my mother's dark brown eye's staring all around the car .  She turned her head to look at me and she shook her head . 

"No , " She said . As soon as those words ran through my mind a few times my brain began to hurt , just like the rest of me . 




The End

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