Plasma Wars

A story based on the game plasma burst 2. Main caracter is based on my account caracter.

Click! "" Joey said aloud as he typed it. Loading, Loading. "Hmmm" Joey said as he scanned the webpage. "Aha, there you are" Joey said as he saw the I'm New button at the top right of the page.


Joey typed in yeoJ117 into the login. This was what Joey always used for his Login for all the games he played. It was his name backwards with 117 at the end.


Joey typed Carter&Rose117 into the password. This was also the password he always used for all of his accounts. These were his Mom and Dad's names.

*PASSWORD AGAIN                                                          

Joey typed in the same thing.


Joey typed into the Email. Joey was a big Transformers fan.

*LOCATION (optional)                                                                

Joey didn't type anything into the location. He wasn't about to go and type in where he lived.

*BIRTHDAYYear:                                 Month:                                             Day:                            

Joey put in 1995, April, and 13th for the birthday. This of course wasn't his real birthday. Like the location, he wasn't about to say when he was born. To easy for creepers to find out too much personal information about you.

*NICKNAME (must contain your login)                                                                    

Must contain your login!?!? Well that kind of defeats the purpose of a nickname!

*GENDER (select)       BOY       GIRL

Click! Joey obviously selected BOY.

*TYPE THE NUMBERS YOU SEE                                                                               

Joey retyped the numbers. 9935671134. Then he clicked register.

YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN ACTIVATED! the screen read. Joey put in his username and password into the bars and clicked Login. Joey watched the intro for the game. Joey had to admit, the intro, and music were pretty cool. 

ENTER YOUR NAME                                                                                                                      

Joey typed in DarkeFyre97, except that Joey didn't always use this as his caracter name. Joey clicked continue. The main screen came up, and Joey clicked campain. The customize your caracter came up and Joey changed the helmet to a helmet that was skinny a the front and the got wider. The only other thing he changed was the suit color to black so his name DarkeFyre97 made sense. Then the campain started.


The End

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