This week, unlike last week, was going just as planned. My schedule was in check, the right fruit was being consumed every morning, and the bus waited for me dutifully every morning. The clicking of my heels on the marble floor of the main entrance to the office echoed in the spacious, empty area and I barely noticed the scattering of people as they rushed past me. I looked at my old watch on my wrist and smiled; I was ahead of time, as usual. The bell like sound of elevator sounded and I quickly got in. I firmly pressed the eighth floor button and watched the doors slowly close, but a hand suddenly blocked the two doors from meeting. I carefully watched as a young man of perhaps twenty walked into the elevator and I remained quiet as the doors shut with a soft hiss.

    From the reflection on the doors I could stealthily investigate this new character. Not bad... for a younger man. Blond hair that appeared naturally messy casually brushed his tanned forehead and his eyes were a dark green that appeared mischievous in the reflection. His full lips were set in a permanent half smirk and his t-shirt showed slight muscle underneath. His jeans were of the expensive kind and his hands were placed in the pockets. Tiny diamond earrings sparkled in the bright elevator light and a silver, thin necklace poked it's way from under his shirt's collar.

    "Hi." He said casually, with the same smirk and the same look in his eyes. Crap, I'm busted.

    "Hello," I said and quickly looked away, silently scolding myself for being so curious.

    "It's hot out today," he said, oblivious to my sudden disinterest in him. "I thought it would be a little cooler, or else I would have worn something else."

    I nodded at him politely and try to keep my eyes away from him. Young people could be so intimidating. I tightened my grip on my handbag and looked up at the numbers. Why was it going so slowly?

    "What floor are you getting off at?" He asked, genuinely curious.

    "Um, the eighth."

    "Really? Hm..."

I looked at him, more like looked up at him, and went into frenzy question mode, but only asked, "Why?"

    " 'Why?' "

    "Yes, why 'really? Hm...'?"

    "I'm supposed to meet someone there.'

I knew it! One of the female workers on my floor must be into the whole younger man are sexier faze. Honestly, I couldn't see it. Sure, he was definitely more than just attractive, but he looked more like a younger brother than a lover. I caught him sneak a peek at me and I asked, "Is it Martha?"


    "Yes, Martha from communications. She recently was sent to work on a case on our floor and she has been there everyday for the past two weeks. I always thought she was looking at younger men when we went out but to think that-"

    "Wait, Martha from communications?" He shrugged his toned shoulders and looked down at me with a smirk. "I don't have a clue who that is."

I could barely control my jaw from dropping as I dug in my brain again for an answer. "How about Anna?"

He shook his head.





He was laughing by now and I stopped and decided to give up. "Then who are you here to see?"

The elevator doors finally opened and I took a step forward and stopped.

Peter Rickstar, my boss, the one who made my heart jump around like a wild animal stood in front of me and my breath forgot to leave my lungs.

    "Ty," he said, not bothering to hide the curiosity in his eyes as he looked from him to me and back. "When did you come back from Japan?"

    'Ty' stared back at Peter, his smirk now gone and he didn't look at Peter, rather he stared to the side. "Yesterday,"

Peter nodded and breathed in heavily, which reminded me that I had yet to breath. As I caught my breath I almost missed the flicker of annoyance in Peter's eyes as he watched Ty beside me. "You should have called, did you leave the school without telling anyone again?"

    "Why do you care?"

    "Did you?"

Ty shrugged and walked off of the elevator. I knew I should have left but this hadn't been in my schedule, and I was ahead of my planned day so what could it hurt?

    "Did you call anyone at all?" Peter insisted as he faced Alex. Even if Ty was younger he was definitely taller, and his looks were more intense than Peter's.

    "What do you think?" Ty said, his tone turning cold.

    "Then why are you here?" Peter asked patiently.

Ty shrugged and looked around his gaze staying on me for a few seconds. "Is he here?"

    "No, he's away on business for the week."

    "Is she home?"

    "Yeah, she should be."

    "OK," Ty said and walked back to the elevator. "Nice meeting you... erm?"

    "Alex," I said slowly.

    "Alex..." he repeated with a smile as the elevator door closed separating us.

    "That kid hasn't changed at all," Peter said as he rubbed his temples. "Dad isn't going to be too happy about him being back."

    "I'm sorry, but who is he exactly?" I asked, confused.

     "He's the second heir to this company, my twenty-one year-old little brother, Ty Rickstar."

The End

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