Big Boss

    Peter Rickstar was his name. All six feet 2 inches of him were of Italian heritage, though his last name left little room for imagination. Not very Italiano if you ask me.

    His broad shoulders gently allowed his arms to stretch forwards and sideways as he explained a new project that the ad  department of the company would be working on. Dazzling hazel eyes that put Swedish chocolate to shame and a smile that could melt the coldest of mountains were staring and smiling at everyone around them in the conference room.

What are you thinking?

    I quickly averted my eyes and cleared my throat. My cheeks feeling slightly heated underneath my blush. I pretended to pay closer attention to the report sheet on the desk in front of me. It wasn't my fault that I had felt awkward when he had walked into my office.

    After he had made his way into my office, he had stared at me for about a minute and quickly shifted his gaze to my new bag. As he caught a quick glance that took in all of the small details, from the designer label to the buckled loops, his smirk had been clearly visible and he stood up straight and placed his hands in his pants' pockets.

    "This color suits you better." He had said, seemingly mocking my choice. "But the purple loops might be a little too much spice to your life." Quickly I had grabbed my purse and placed it on the floor beside my desk chair. I ignored Marie's yelp as I suddenly stood up and faced the giant of a man standing in front of me. My mere height of five feet and six inches was considered average, but it was indeed countered beside this man. "Hello Mr. Rickstar," I pasted a cheap, false smile on my face and stared unafraid into his handsome face. "Welcome to my department, I'm Alexandra Fuentes." I automatically stuck my hand out and patiently waited as he blinked from my nonchalant face to my steady hand.

    Smirking, he accepted my hand and shook it lightly. My hand felt like it could disappear if he were to fully close his own hand around it. With that he had jaunted out of my office without looking back and leaving me breathless.

    Now he stood here. So close. This "random" street helper. I would not allow myself, absolute could not, let myself be a standard female office worker with an insatiable appetite for her boss. No, that was not me, I was not a horny female worker. I was dependable, hard working, and most of all my whole future was already set. I had it all planned out and there was absolutely no way a tall, gorgeous man was going to ruin it.

    The meeting ended and the lights appeared, temporarily blinding me. I quickly grabbed my papers and started to place them, alphabetically, into my folder. I felt a sudden uneasy feeling as I sensed someone staring, but I dared not look. I just wanted to get to my office and finish up my last invoices and go home. Tomorrow was a new day and I wanted it to start like my usually planned days. Ignoring all around me I quickly headed for the door.

    "Ms. Fuentes?" a deep voice echoed in the emptying room and I froze in my tracks. Clearing my head of all evil thoughts I turned to face Mr. Rickstar.

    "Yes?" I said, my voice dripping with false sincerity. During the meeting he had been overly confident in his speech and the way he carried his tall lanky frame gave me the feeling of a rebel--let alone the hair.

    "Have you finished the estimates for the ad campaign that we are currently working on?" he asked me, his eyes gleaming mischievously. I kept my harsh words that my mind screamed to myself as I watched this stranger that claimed to be the next heir, but was merely a year older than me.

    Tightening my fake smile I answered without a hitch, " Yes Mr. Rickstar, I finished calculating the expenses needed and I believe that this project will be a complete success."

A moment of silence followed my answer and I felt uncomfortable as he continued to stare at me, mischief now gone from his eyes leaving only curiosity. "May I ask you something?" he asked, his tone changing.

The sudden change in his tone caught me off guard and I almost lost my grip on my folder. "Yes, of course you may Boss." I emphasized, more to myself.

His teeth slowly made an appearance as he smiled up at me from his chair. "Could you not act so professional towards me? I just finished my studying abroad and it feels weird enough being back in New York with you calling me Mr. Rickstar. In fact, I'm only a year older than you I believe."

Pretending that my heart wasn't speeding like a go-cart racer I coldly asked, "What else could I possibly call you?"

He didn't flinch at my cold reply like I had planned and instead he stood up and looked down at me with those delicious hazel eyes. "Call me Peter," he put his long arms behind his back and bent forwards towards me causing me to quickly step backwards. "Could I call you Alex?"

    Regaining my composure I avoided his gaze for an instant; what is happening here? Why is he so close? Quickly I faced his smiling face and retorted. "You may call me Alex if you wish," I shook off his seemingly happy face and watched as it quickly changed in return to my reply. "But I was taught to always respond to my superiors in a professional way. Therefore, I am sorry to have to inform you, but I am a well educated business woman and though you may have requested it, I cannot give in to such a request. Have a good evening Mr. Rickstar." I quickly turned on my heels and left the conference room. I casually walked into the elevator and nearly collapsed when the doors closed. I placed a hand to my chest and felt my heart hammering.

I will not, absolutely can not, fall for my boss.

The End

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