The Brothers

Everyone in New York knew that the family that could grant you your heart's desires was the Rickstar family.

Deliciously rich and scandalously powerful. Yes, they were a family to set your sights for, if you were an early twenties, gold digging kind of girl.

If you're a girl like me though, you would find yourself in one of those super expensive, classy museums--you know,the kind that has a sign about a million feet tall at the front entrance saying: "See with your eyes, not with your hands". You will also note, that the first thing that comes to your mind is also, "what if...", but alas no, there are no what ifs. Not that I'm too disappointed in my inability to attain one of the Rickstar men, I mean it isn't in my life's plan! If I didn't plan it, it does not happen, understood?

I shakily made my way to my office after my encounter with the two men that were considered royalty in this city, and plunked myself down at my desk. Waiting patiently for my computer to load I quickly shook my head and forced myself to disregard all that had happened. Within minutes my mind was filled with numbers and what not and Marie's soft knock on my door caught my attention. "Come in," I said without moving my eyes from my emails, that had just popped up on the screen.

"Your coffee," she said quietly while struggling to keep her mouth from spewing some sort of gossip that usually traveled like a comet around the office. "Erm..."

I stared up at her from my emails and ignored my coffee as I felt a smile slowly growing on my face. "Okay, tell me."

"So," She let out a soft woosh of a breath. "Ty Rickstar has been spotted on the premises."

"Yes," I think about whether I should or should not tell her about my misadventure in the elevator. "I may have seen him."

She stared at me blankly and for a moment I thought that she was oggling my red silk shirt, which went against my plans and showed a bit of come-hither cleavage. "I'm sorry?" she suddenly said and I could see her perfectly glossed upper lip twitch.

"In the elevator." I divulged. "He was visiting his brother." I quickly lied, remembering the slightly awkward situation I had been put in, which I knew had not been done on purpose.

"I see." She quickly recovered herself and asked me how my weekend had gone before reading off the list of tasks that I had to confront in the following week.

There were many differences in the two Rickstar brothers. One appeared professional, but the other appeared to be everything that the other wished to be. They, in a weird twisted way, complimented each other-- like a cheap, stylish tie with a couture suit. I found myself thinking about them while I ate lunch at a trendy deli near the office. I thought of Ty's slightly addicting smirk and of Peter's casual sexuality.

Work was definitely going to be something for now. Soon it was sure to get back to normal, sure Peter was staying for now, but seriously how long could Ty Rickstar stay in this City?

If only I knew that things weren't always made to be planned.

The End

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