Planned For You

    Every morning I, Alexandra Fuentes, get up to the same alarm clock that I've had since I was fourteen. The pink and blue flowers always seem to vibrate as the clock warns me that it is time.

    Every morning is the same. Brush teeth, pick outfit, check emails, look up the weather report, and quickly catch the morning bus with an apple in my hand. But today, somewhere, my daily plan had a snag. Now they say that this happens when the universe reverses its movements, either way today was so different that I felt that my boring, ordinary, scheduled life was about to change, forever.

    I lay in bed on this particular day, the sun shining through the windows and the curtains dancing to the soft breeze that escaped into my room. I had a strange feeling. My body was used to waking up at around this time, but no shrieking alarm woke me. Eyelids heavy, I turned over in bed and checked the alarm clock and jumped back in surprise. The lifeless arms sat at the same time as it had been the previous night... what was this? Why today? I quickly got up from bed and ran to the living room to check the clock there and the real time made my face turn white. Today was one of those days that you couldn't, shouldn't, be late for work. We had a weekly meeting about the challenges at the office and other companies. I fumbled in my bag for my cell phone and dialed Marie's number. I slumped down onto my black leather couch and let out a sigh, my legs felt numb from the surprise.

    Marie answered the phone in a hushed whisper, the meeting was obviously taking place. "Where are you?" she whimpered. Of course she would respond in such a way, I am the usual dependable Banking and Finance Department Manager at Rickstar Banking Firm. Yep, I am a banker, an average, twenty-five year old banker. I track numbers and accounts, my life is all about excitement.

    "Marie I'm sorry," my mouth felt dry as I tried to explain to my secretary how my alarm clock betrayed me in the morning. Quietly Marie listened.

    "Well, it's obviously too late for you to get here for the meeting, just try to make it for the rest of the day."

    "That's my plan Marie, please try to explain this to the other department managers and tell them sorry for me."

    "I'm too nice really." Thank God you're too nice, I thought. But honestly I have no idea why my clock failed me on THIS particular morning, after years of service it finally decided to retire.

    The rest of my morning routine was the same, except more hurried. I think the biggest change and perhaps mistake I made was grabbing an orange instead of an apple as I ran down the stairs in my apartment building. I only noticed my crucial mistake when I was five minutes from the bus stop. Checking my watch I decided. I can go quickly and the bus would still have three more minutes to arrive.

    Less than five minutes later I was running to the bus stop with the correct fruit in my hand. My day just wasn't going as normally planned, someone up there must be enjoying this. I watched the bus that took me straight to work leaving the bus stop. I ran after it, blue long skirt flying behind me, purse sliding down my arm, and my black hair soaring up to the heavens. I stopped shortly after, my feet aching from running in heels and my lungs on the verge of exploding (I wasn't very active).

    Now if your thinking that some how my luck will start to get better because all the bad has already happened. Try explaining that to my purse, a very expensive purse may I add, because at the moment that I attempted to catch my breath the bottom popped out. I watched helplessly as all my belongings rolled and broke around me. I wanted to cry. Why? I had my routine, I was not used to this. From the time that I was able to choose my own clothes I had always had my daily plan. Why was it now, on my twenty-fifth year of life that suddenly everything changed? I slumped down and began fishing for my stuff, while trying to keep the bottom of my purse closed. As I reached for my compact that had rolled to the edge of the sidewalk a hand appeared and grabbed it first.

    "Remember that the cheapest things turn out to be the most expensive." said the mystery person.

I looked up and grabbed my compact. This mystery person was in fact a very tall man. His shaggy brown hair was combed back and his hazel eyes glittered as he smiled the whitest smile I had ever witnessed. "As a matter of fact, this purse was extremely expensive, thank you very much."

    "Either way, it broke and it is useless." He put his long hands in his dress pants' pockets. "I also suggest, that you carry less things around with you."

    I finished gathering my things and watched him walk haughtily away. Of all days, today I had to meet such a strange, mean character. I carefully got up and tucked my purse tightly under my left arm as a stuck my right hand out for a taxi. New York City is full of them, so I caught one easy.

    Despite the traffic I managed to make it to work fifteen minutes later. Getting off of the elevator, I was immediately faced with my secretary and she began reading out the appointments and events for the week. I listened intently as I walked into my office and gently set my ripped purse on my desk.

    "Marie," I said after she had given me every detail she needed to recite. "Please find me a new purse, mine broke and you won't believe what type of people live in this city."

Her confused face appeared before me so I explained the strange event that had taken place. "But you've always been so prepared Alex, maybe something is meant to happen today." she finished with an excited smile.

I turned quickly to my computer and turned it on and mindlessly said, "You've watched too many Novelas."

    That afternoon I sat at my desk thinking about my unfortunate morning. My new purse sat lifelessly on the table beside me and the sun brightly entered my office through the large windows behind me. Marie rushed into my office and I quickly turned to her. Not ever had she come in without knocking. On the verge of scolding her, she spoke first.

    "He's here," she breathlessly spouted. "The Chairman's son is here, and they said that he wants to meet with all the second in commands for all the departments. He says that the banking and finance department is next, that's yours Alex. This is big, he is the next heir to the company and... and.." she coughed and I quickly stood up and patted her back.

    "You need to calm down," I put my hands on her small arms and pulled her towards my desk, where I sat down. "I knew he was coming today, don't worry."

Her copper red hair swayed from side to side as she slowly passed the back of her pale hand across her freckled forehead. "Right, I forgot, you're always prepared."

    A knock on the door startled us and I told Marie to stand behind my desk beside me. Marie straightened herself out and I politely called out, "Come in."

    My breath caught and I stared unblinking. My legs felt lifeless and I faintly heard Marie whisper something about his looks. I cleared my throat and quickly averted my eyes from his as he walked closer to my desk. His low voice filled the room as he put his hands on my mahogany table and leaned in towards my blushing face. "You got a new purse, wouldn't want your stuff to roam carelessly on the city streets do you?"

The End

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