The Invisible Planet

"The Invisible Planet," muttered Leena, puzzled. She looked out of her window again and then hurried back to her notes. No, this was definately meant to me the ledgendary Invisble Planet, but...

Leena sighed, and walked back to the window. She surveyed the rocky terrain below her. She had already ordered the ship to be landed, but now she could see that it was pointless. There was no way anyone would be able to help her with her quest here. This planet was said to be invisible and inhabited with billions of Enigmae, the "unknown race". Now Leena could see why. The planet was completely deserted. As she surveyed the navy blue mountains stretching out before her, she could not see any evidence of anyone at all, not even a plant. Another useless visit then. Leena sighed.

The ship landed with little impact, and Leena sadly reached for her outdoor gear. Soon, they were out in the open. Leena looked around her then shook her head and turned to go back to the ship. Just then, a large gust of wind hit her, making Leena's blue-black hair whip around her face and her small, orange eyes squint against it. When the gust ended, the air was eerily still. Strange, thought Leena. I'm sure that this planet has no weather systems... I read that in a very trusted source of mine... Puzzled, she turned around again to verify this new fact in the sky.

Suddenly, she felt something grab all of her arms. By the time she was able to turn around, her mouth and legs were bound too. If she could've screamed, she would've.

She was surrounded by people. Not people as she knew them, for these people were dressed entirely in white robes that covered their entire bodies. She quickly analysed who they were. Portons? No, too tall. Mangrelites? No, not hairy enough. Then it ocoured to her. The Invisible Planet. How could she be so stupid. The planet wasn't invisible, its inhabitants were. The unknown race. The Enigmae.

"Enigmae." She announced to the hundreds of robed figures around her. "I come in peace. I only wish to ask you a question, and then I will leave."

One Enigmas raised its head. "I don' t think so." It said, in a low whisper. Leena decided that this was the leader- all the others had turned towards him. "We aren't known as the unknown race becuase we let intruders to our planet survive." Leena supressed a cry of fear. The leader of the Enigmae laughed. "Now. Take the prisoners to the village." An Enigmas grabbed Leena and forced her down into the valleys between the mountains. Leena was entranced by how they walked. One Enigmas in particular walked with such a swaying, dance-like gait that she couldn't take her eyes off him. Suddenly, she began to feel weary. The rhythmic walk of the Enigmae was so hypnotising, so... sleep-inducing...

Leena woke up in a cell. The cell was navy blue, and seemingly carved out of the mountains that she had seen earlier. She looked around her. SHe was alone in her cell. Damn. Suddenly, she looked up. An Enigmas was standing outside the cell, looking in at her. Leena was sure he hadn't been there before. She mentally slapped herself. Invisible Race, got to remember that, she told herself.

"They will kill you." The Enigmas told her. Leena smiled. His voice was so much more lovely than the leader's. She was certain that he was the one who carried her here. With the beautiful walk.

"I know." Leena sighed. "There is nothing I can do."

"You can ask me your question, if you still want to." The Enigmas prompted.

Leena had totally forgotten about her quest, but now it didn't seem to matter. "What's under your robe?" she asked the Enigmas

The Enigmas hesitated, then raised his hands to his head and removed his hood. Leena sighed. This Enigmas was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen. He had skin as white as marble, and his eyes were small and vibrant green. He had absolutely no hair, making his pale head look as if it was a sculpture. The most beautiful sculpture Leena had ever seen in her life. She moved as if in a trance towards the bars of the cell. She reached through, and touched his face. Cold, like marble. Leena smiled. She brought her face closer to the bars. Slowly, the Enigmas leant forward, and kissed her. His cold lips made her shiver, but in the most beautiful way she could remember. Both people knew immediately that they wanted to be together forever.

After what seemed like an eternity of standing together in complete silence, Leena whispered "Help us."

The Enigmas nodded. "There is a way out. I will help you."

He opened the bars, and he and Leena ran through. Soon, they were outside and heading back towards the ship.

"They are coming." The Enigmas said, suddenly. Leena turned to run, but he stopped her. "They are too fast. We will have to fight."

He threw a long stick at her, and drew one out of his robe for himself. He was right, soon they were surrounded by the hooded figures.

The fight was long and hard, but Leena was a very gifted fighter, and her Enigmas companion even more so. They weilded their weapons with skill, and one after another Enigmas fell, until only Leena and the Enigmas remained. She turned and smiled at him, then the slightest breeze hit her. She turned, surprised, only to see the Enigmae leader in front of her flying towards her, his stick pointed right at her heart. She barely had time for her life to flash before her eyes when she saw a white robe fly in front of her. She screamed, but it was too late. The Enigmae leader's spear had already wounded the Enigmas that was so good to her. She watched him fall, then, with a cry that resonated across the mountains, she held her weapon high, and threw it with all her force towards the leader. He fell.

Crying, Leena dragged the wounded Enigmas back onto her ship. She would look after him. SHe would stay with him forever- he would be nursed back to health.

Just as Leena was lying him onto a bed, he opened his eyes. "Leena." he whispered.

Leena smiled. "I will make sure you become better again, I promise. But I don't even know your name"

The Enigmas chuckled. "It's Shraelle.". Leena smiled. Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful person.

Shraelle closed his eyes.

The End

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