Planet of Paradise

Create a character or group of characters and a world that your character(s) lives in. We'll throw them into one universe and see what happens. Be sure to read the author guidance before writing.

Leena looked out the large window watching as the endless space moved past her ship.  They had been traveling through space for nearly a week now and it seemed as they would never arrive at their destination.

She was searching for a planet that she had only heard about in legends she was unsure if it even existed.  But if it did she was going to be the one who found it. 

Paradise!  The word sent shivers down her spine as she thought about the many things that word contained.  A planet of paradise.

She turned back to her desk and opened up the large book.  Although she was only eighteen the book was filled with the last two years of her research.  So many times she had sent out search parties only for them to come back empty but now she was certain she had found it.  So certain that she had risked leaveing her planet to see it for herself.

The End

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