Plan BMature

This is the first ever "full" short story I ever written ( in 2008)
=). I hope you enjoy this.

We are on a train. The sun is shining and her hair is waving as the wind is singing and I feel her embrace. Her dark brown hair warms me and her smile soothes me and her eyes comfort me. We are going to freedom, to heaven a land of paradise, a land of love. We are going to the place where criminals become saviours, where the currency is affection, where music is on the street! In front of me I see my best friend, my trusty companion, my eyes to the world; he sees everything through different angles, where I can only see in one. He can be a leader of a nation, only if he would make an effort to care as I do. Together we are the force evil fears, passion and knowledge, love and observation, care and insight! I am Marcus Grant and he is Faraz Ali. She is my love, what keeps me going, my treasure, she is Marry Bateman the carefree, the truly loving even though she rarely shows it, but I know her best.


I wake up.


 I’m in big city. Marry is lost from me, Faraz is still here. He never fails to impress me, how does he keep on smiling. We have been through war and occupation and he still stands firm. What does he see among the fog and corpses? I gather myself and move away the cardboard. “Faraz, what’s the plan for today?”, “Food ran out last night, you shouldn’t have fed those women” he said, I know he didn’t mind, “Well tough shit isn’t it? we have to help our own eh?, okay there is a shop behind this building” I point to the wall behind me, we slept in an alley way that was between four buildings, luckily one had a pharmacy and the other had a supermarket, an ideal location to settle away from the invaders harm. “Okay wake jenny she should help us, this is not going to be a walk in the park even if its close” Faraz mentioned rightly so, for the enemy is always on the look out and they have the better artillery, the goggles that can see you in the dark and laser weapons. Me, Faraz and Jenny who is someone we found, simply. We have no weapons but 2 machine guns and a hand gun, thankfully Jenny taught us how to use them being former military but bit grumpy when attempting to wake her, you’ll see what I mean “ Jenny! Wake up its morning”, “uhh wha?” and she goes back to sleep, “JENNY!! We have to move! Please mam before the night comes and so we can get food” I have to mention that jenny is a middle aged lady so might explain the lack of …. military discipline.

 “Ahh I’ll wake up, you young civilian trash should be grateful for the sleep you can get these days”

  Anyway beyond the chit chat we head out, slowly, carefully, one looks left and the other looks right and one advances. That’s what Jenny taught us, thank god for her.


Now we move slowly, it’s a foggy day which means they have the upper hand. Slowly we approach the supermarket, treasure chest of the survivor in big city. We will fill our bags with as much essential food we need, bottled water, for the tap is contaminated with excessive fluoride and some poison, with confectionary and frozen food  for all fruit and vegetables have been warn off.


“Duck!!” Jenny screamed, I fall to the ground, I felt and heard an explosion, what is that?  I see no one, did the enemy spot us?, oh dear god no!, “Marcus, follow me slowly and stay low!, we’ll find a an exit”  Faraz told me,  He held me by the hand and lifted me up slightly, then we walked slowly attempting to reach an exit if any. I hear one of them coming, we walk through the aisles walking away from their voices and I sincerely hope Faraz knows where we’re going.  “I see a door over there, in the count of three you run, you hear me?” he murmured “where is Jenny?” I asked, he looked me in the eye, and I knew what he meant, “now, in the count of three alright?” “Okay then” I responded, for Jenny I will not die may she rest in peace.



 I prepare my feet. The despair of her death worries me, but the Hope to find Marry nourishes me.


 My feet are ready I never felt lighter.




 I run like the wind toward the door behind me I hear bullets but not matter I run I feel nothing I’m with the wind. I appear to find myself in the middle of a park.


“Where is faraz? He is not… here…” I need to calm down. In this abyss I’m lost I’m alone, but I recite it once more:

Hope is my drug

I realise it now

Hope is my sedative

From the world of now

Hope is my high

It keeps me in check

Hope is my low

It makes me in key

Hope is my water

It helps me refresh

Hope is my breath

I can’t live without it


I have you my rifle it will kill my enemy, I have her picture it will make me live, I have all I need.  2 weeks and I’m hungry. The fog has not passed since that day. Is it a blessing or is it a warning? Food ran out and there are no open riots anymore. It seems like I am alone, but I know Marry will be looking for me.

Plan B

 I move to the open streets. I have a death wish I suppose I am fed up with hiding in my own land. Why do I fear the streets where I grew up in? There is no one here! It’s all in my head after all. Hail the lovers, hail the sailors. Hail the people of big city! The Invader must have left. There is nothing to claim here from peaceful folk yeah?  I take a few more steps for my freedom and then I see it in front of me.



The End

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