In the Box

It wasn't nearly as bad as she had first envisioned.  It was only a teddy bear with a broken eye.  Still, it seemed to her to be an odd package to receive unsolicited.  Sheila delicately pulled the tattered bear out of the box, still somewhat sure that there was a bomb or an envelope of anthrax neatly tucked under it.  There was neither, though she was surprised that the bear was a bit heavier than she expected.  She shrugged it off to the bear being old.  The bear got placed aside while Sheila searched the box for any signs of who sent the package but she found nothing and decided the case was closed for the evening.  Mr. Bear was unceremoniously plopped on the side table and Sheila retreated into her bedroom for the evening.  

The next morning Sheila slept in late.  She awoke refreshed with the package as the last thing on her mind.  But as she got out of bed, the reality that something was very wrong was clear - Mr. Bear was now perched on the bureau across from her bed.  She sat up right when she realized that it had been moved.  

Would I be crazy if I called the police?  Someone was in here but my proof is that they moved a bear.  She thought, until a more sinister idea occurred to her:  not only had that person been in her room while she was sleeping, but they could still be in her place now.  

The End

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