Late night, long hours

A mysterious package - what's inside?

Sheila arrived home, ignoring the overflowing mailbox and giving a passing glance to the box on her stoop.  The work day had been too long and 18 hours that Playtex allotted her for comfort in her bra had just about elapsed.  She vowed that she would think twice before doing a double shift again.  She wasn't 25 anymore, the double shifts are for the young pups, she thought.

Once changed and refreshed, and fed, Sheila stepped onto the porch to collect the bounty brought by the postman earlier in the day.  It wasn't a good idea to allow her mail to gather. She did that one time when she was in a routine of working a lot of hours and it not only led to her getting her house broken into, but she also missed the due dates on a bunch of bills.  Tiredly, she hauled the bundle inside then went back for the box.  

She thought it odd that she receive a box when she didn't remember ordering any packages and wasn't expecting anyone to send her anything.  She plopped the box on the side table next to her well worn Ikea couch and set to sorting her mail.  It was mostly supermarket circulars  - Wednesday was the day that the Kroger, Food Lion and Acme all had a bidding war via the postal service; on Sunday they would do it again via the newspaper.  

With the mail sorted, Shelia went into the kitchen to find some sort of knife to open the mystery box.  She rummaged through her silverware drawer and realized that she needed to get more knives.  She finally came across an over-sized steak knife that she pilfered from an Outback Steakhouse on a drunken dare one night.  It would serve her well for opening mystery packages.  

The box was unmarked with the exception of her name:  Shelia Dauber, 241 Whitehorse Way, Jefferson, VA.  That was it.  No return address,  no delivery label.  Just her address hand written in black Sharpie.  She shrugged and plunged the Outback steak knife into the packaging tape.  It was only when she began to peel back the cardboard flaps that it occurred to her that she should have called the police from the moment she saw the box on her stoop.

The End

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