"Shhhhh," Gerard said as he held his daughters close, "Everything will be fine." 

They were in an old cave that Gerard used to sleep in when he was hunting. Other than a few of his supplies - knife, medical bag, sleeping bags, etc - and a supply of hay, the cave was empty. The supplies had been left by Herald and June, Gerard guessed. No one but them and Gerard knew about this place. 

Hopefully it stayed that way.

Lilian pushed away and walked to the stack of hay. Melody just stood in her father's arms, watching her sister go with a blank stare. 

"Go on and sleep.," Gerard told Melody. The girl complied with a small nod and went to lay beside her younger sister. Gerard sighed. He hoped she would get over this soon. If it persisted too long, Melody might develop abnormalities in her mind. Gerard's sister had done that...

She was burned at the stake for killing several other women.

Shaking off his memories, Gerard walked back to the cave entrance just a few feet away. What made it an amazing spot was the waterfall that concealed the cave. Honestly, it was an accident that Gerard and Herald found the place. The were just going to wash off. Who would've known there was a place like this? 

Gerard promised to bring Shayleen here once. He never had and she always wanted to. But between raising the girls and keeping the farm up, Gerard never got the chance. Seemed that the chance was gone now...

Placing the crossbow down beside him, Gerard placed his head in his hands and began to cry. He didn't even notice Lilian when she came and hugged his neck with her little arms. His tears came even heavier. He wished his children didn't feel his pain. 

"Don't worry," Gerard said to Lilian, who still clung to him, "We still have each other and Melody."

Lilana squeezed tighter. "Yeah, papa..."

The End

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