Gerard made a small tombstone for his late wife. It seemed like the least he could do, though she deserved more than that. She deserved a memorial for all to see. But, Gerard knew he didn't have time for anything but this one small thing. 

Gerard had already buried her body. Lilian and Melody were in the basement when he gathered her body and buried her. He didn't dare let them see anymore than they already had. God knew Gerard was scarred from the process. No need to scar his daughters as well.

His daughters. They were the only reason Gerard could go on. Shayleen would hate him if he didn't take car of them. And he couldn't bear the thought of them being alone. Gerard must persevere. But where could he take his girls to keep them safe? The house had been badly damaged and they knew where it was now. 

The only option was to leave.

Looking up Gerard took the time. It was still relatively early and if they headed out in an hour or so, they could make it to the next town before dark. That was the best decision in any case.

Gerard finished the tombstone and set it up, letting Lilian and Melody place the flowers they had collected from their mothers garden on it. This was their first loss and it was a wonder they were holding up. Lilian had been crying since the incident, so she probably had let it all out. Melody, however, never cried or said anything since then. It worried Gerard even more now. He hoped she would let it out soon.

Gerard, on the other hand, had cried the entire time his daughter's were in the basement. He honsetly didn't think he had any tears left. His heart and soul felt hollow, as if a hole had been cut inside them. It was more pain than any blade could have delivered.

Steeling himself, Gerard went back inside the stone house to gather supplies. He refused to let his gaze settle on the faded stains of blood or Shayleen's possessions. It would only challenge his earlier thought and his eyes already burned enough from crying.

Gerard and his two daughter's, Melody and Lilian, set off to Vengrath, the nearest town. Gerard WOULD protect his girls. Even if it cost him his life.

The End

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