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Decided to write something away from my main project. This is the only story I will be writing that isn't connected to the rest of my works. (The poem I wrote doesn't count!) Hopefully you guys will enjoy.

Gerard Frankel watched out the window of his small stone house. It was well built - he had built it by himself - but Gerard knew the creatures could break through several places if they wanted. There was little they couldn't pierce with their brute strength.

Behind Gerard was his beautiful wife, Shayleen, and their two little girls, Lilian and Melody, who huddled next to the charred remains of the log they had been burning earlier in the evening. Gerard wished he could start the fire back up as he could see the breath of his loved ones. But that would alert the damned creatures outside and Gerard would not let them take anyone else he loved.

Lilian, the youngest, wined behind him, causing Shayleen to shush her. It was saddening. His own children and wife were no longer safe in their own home. A home Gerard had built with their safety in mind. He would have never guessed that creatures like those things had existed though....

Outside something moved. Gerard readied his crossbow, careful not to make any noise. Behind him, Lilian wined once more. Gerard turned slightly, gave his smallest daughter a large grin through his rugged beard, and tapped his head three times, signaling in their special language that he knew what he was doing. Lilian smiled and snuggled closer to her mother. Gerard never knew a made up language would be so useful. He was grateful for it, though.

Outside another louder noise came into existence. Was it one of the creatures? Or was it just another starved mut? Whatever it was, Gerard would kill it and defend his family. That was his duty as a father, a husband, and a knight of the Romanov Catholic Church.

A large figure came into view, charging toward the house. Gerard aimed his heavy crossbow. The bolt could pierce heavy armor, so a beast should be no problem. Gerard fired from the small opening in the window toward the beast. The bolt flew true, shooting the creature in the chest. Gerard cheered silently as the creature fell and turned to his family, smiling like an jester.

They, however, looked absolutely horrified.

Jerking his head back toward the window, Gerard came face to face with a wolf's face. Its body, however, was twice as large as Gerard's. "Damnati-" Gerard's world turned black before he could finish the curse.

"Papa..... papa!..... papa...... PAPA!"

Gerard woke with a start to his two daughters shaking him. He got up slowly, his head painfully throbbing. What had happened?

Then he remembered.

Gerard grabbed his girls close to him, checking the surrounding his. Lilian muttered something before he looked all the way around. "Don't look, papa! Don't look!" 

Gerard pushed her little hands out of his face and rested his gaze on what his daughter had meant...

At the far corner of the room was the remains of Shayleen. 

"This... can't be happening..." Gerard said slowly, feeling sick. She should be alive. He should have kept her alive. Gerard felt himself push his daughter's to the side and crawl to his wife's body, or what remained of it. The only part he could distinguish was her torn gown.

How could this happen?

The End

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