Pixie's taleMature

This is pixie's life story from he point of view.

I'm in a warm, loving home with a famliy who loves me so much. This is my story so far. First I was born. I drank milk from my mother. My fur grew. Then I never saw my mother or my brothers or sisters again. I did have a owner who loved me. He gave me to a girl as a present. She loved me. Then she  igorned me. food was given to me but sometime they would forget. The laboudors who were living with me dameged one of my ears. Now it looks like I've got an earing. Then  saviuors came(two ladies came) and brought me away. At first I was scared. when we got to the unknowed house, the saviours, saw that there had been green stuff in my eyes and my fur had been black. But once they had washed me, my brown fur showed and my blonde hair could be seen. One of the saviours gave me a fury cover for confort. Later in the summer, A man and two girls arrived. When I met them for the first time, I was running around like mad. I even wet myself. Once I calmed down, I was stroked and cuddled. We got to play in the garden. they even toke me to a dog show. (I'll tell you more about my summer later!) Right now I'm on my own. sleeping. I miss my best friends. But I'm looking forward to christmas. Because that's when I get to see them again.

for now with love

Pixie x

The End

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