The First Encounter

The first case we will follow is the case of Issac Gibs and his encounter with a Gheilt Tráth pixie. Now, Issac Gibs was a rather wealthy and successful man. As head and creator of Robotic Brushes, a graphic design company who help design many, many logos and advertisements for other companies, Issac was happy where he was, and would never change his life. He was dating a rather beautiful model from Ireland, had all the money he could wish for and more, and a successful company that would be around for quite a while. During last summer he decided he needed a small break from working and went on a camping trip somewhere on property he owned in Oregon. This week-long vacation would be he last vacation until death departs him from life. He now resides in a mental institution his company will not release the name of, has lost his place as head of Robotic Brushes, and has lost his girlfriend to someone sane.

His encounter with the pixie started out with him waking up in the morning on his last day on his trip. He had woken up feeling refreshed and happy that he could go back to work and get things done properly. His girlfriend, who wishes to stay anonymous, was still asleep inside the camper when he left to go on a walk. He left her a note stating that he would be back shortly and that he loved her. He left the camper wit ha water bottle, a snack bar, and nothing else besides the clothes on his back and shoes on his feet. He headed off, eating the bar and sipping the water in a rather happy manner, happier than he usually was. He hiked and hiked for about an hour or so before coming to a spot in the woods he didn't remember, though he just ignored it, too happy to be bother by being lost. He was sure he'd find his way back in no time, but he was completely wrong. Issac soon took a small break sitting on a fallen log because his calves felt like they were on fire and his water bottle was bone dry. He didn't mind though. He loved the feeling of being outdoors and away from technology for a bit. As he was relaxing, he began to hear a child singing, which made him think twice about stopping and resting. He ignored it until the singing got a little louder. This is when he bolted up and began jogging towards the sound, wondering why a child would be on his property. As he got closer, the singing became louder and clearer, though he couldn't make out the language. 

He soon came across a clearing which felt off and much more vibrant than any other part of the forest, which was odd. He looked around the clearing, looking for any children that would be singing, but he couldn't find any. No matter wherever he looked, close to the edge of the clearing, in the rather large fox hole he found, he couldn't find the child that was singing. Shrugging, he began to walk away from the clearing, until he heard an odd crack in the voice. He stopped dead in his tracks before turning around. The crack in the voice sounded rather creepy, like a record being scratched while being played. He didn't find a child, but rather found an odd looking insect, or how he would have described it, with transparent wings and a disfigured, human looking body. It was a dark grey color, and it's eyes were lopsided, one seeming to bulge out, and the other small and sunken in compared to the other. A small gasp left his throat as he moved forward and the singing continued, but this time the voice took on a rather demented child-like tone to it. It was singing fast and made Issac's mind race with odd thoughts. What is this? could it be an insect? is it some sort of... thing? am I just seeing things? His mind continued to race around and around as he reached out to the pixie, his vision becoming blurry from not blinking as he stared at it. The pixie itself tilted it's head sideways as it watched Issac reach out towards it. Confusion in its own mind made it wonder why the male hadn't started to run by now, most humans did. Perhaps there was something extremely wrong with this one's head, insanity perhaps. 

Issac's hand got closer and closer, slowly, but hesitated when he fell an inch short of touching the Gheilt Tráth. Wait, he thought, should I touch it? But before he could get in a second thought, the pixie lost control and flailed about until it hit Issac's finger with it's own needle-like finger, injecting the venom and pulling away within a few seconds, fluttering off, away from the human male. Issac pulled his arm back with a small painful gasp, examining his finger and the small hole that had been put into it from the pixie. Shaking his hand, he headed back the way he came, tired now and hoping he could get back without delay. His wishes came true, as soon he came upon his camper and his girlfriend, who had packed everything up and sat it all inside where it all belonged. She tried hugging him and giving him a kiss, but Issac simply shrugged it off and went inside the camper to get the first aid kit, though it wouldn't be needed after the venom reached his heart, which wouldn't be much longer. He finally found the kit, and managed to get it open before he froze, paralyzed somehow, and fell to the floor, convulsing severely, making such a racket that his girlfriend came to check on him. When she came through the door and saw him, her hand flew to her mouth and eyes widening up as she watched him convulse until his body had no energy left to do so. No, he was not dead, but he had gone to a coma-like state, which would last a few days. 

It was then the girlfriend called an ambulance, who then rushed him to a hospital where they could do nothing but test upon his poor, lifeless body. However, nothing showed positive within his system that showed why he convulsed or went into a coma. For six days they tested his blood, saliva, and all other parts of the body, though nothing showed up.

On that sixth day, Issac Gibs had woken up from his comatose state, confused as to why he was in a pure white room, only noisy monitors and clear tubes to be seen, as well as his body strapped down to the bed, a precaution if he were to begin convulsing during his coma. His heart monitor began to beep louder and faster as his confusion rose and fear skyrocketed like a small child during a nightmare. This had caused the doctors and nurses to rush into the room, hands placed in front of their bodies and calming words cascading from their mouths as they approached him. It took just over half an hour to calm poor Issac down, where he then only asked multiple questions, though he was not speaking any sort of English, or no language any of the doctors or nurses understood. His eyes rolled back into his eye sockets as his body began convulsing again, though not as extreme as when the pixie venom first took it's place within his bloodstream. He stopped after a few seconds, but continued mumbling the unknown language to the doctors in the room, even though all had begun backing out slowly. 

This is where our story with Poor Issac Gibs ends, as no more information was release to us except for the fact that he now resides in a mental hospital, doing nothing but sitting in a corner mumbling words in an unknown language day after day, never sleeping.

The End

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