Types of Pixies

When most think of pixies, they think of tiny little fairies, glittering and almost like Disney's version, Tinkerbell. What most people don't know, given a select few, is that pixies are vicious and can cause a person to die or go insane within seconds and look nothing near what Disney had made childlike and innocent.

There are two kinds of pixies, both with different types of venom or poison. The first kind are the Bana, pronounced bah-nah, the Killer Pixies. Their name, Bana, means 'killer' in Old English. Their venom can either be put through the blood stream or ingested to take affect. It can be put through the blood stream by the pixie piercing through the skin with their needle-like fingers, or through a bite. It can be ingested if the pixie deceives the human and makes he/she a special tea or cookie, which looks like a regular cup of black tea or chocolate chip cookie. The venom can take from half a minute to five minutes to take effect before the person will die. If one is lucky to have anti-venom on them for the Bana poison, then they may survive, but not all humans know about the Pixies From Hell.

The second kind, not as deadly but still as effective, is the gheilt tráth. Their name means 'insane' in Irish, and their venom will drive you to complete insanity. A simple pinprick of their fingers will cause their venom to be placed into the blood stream where it will take effect almost as if the human were tweaking on LCD or some form of hallucinogen. It will not kill you, but it cannot be reversed, unlike the Killer Pixies venom. Most humans get placed into a mental hospital or taken to jail where they remain for being accused of taking some illegal drug.

This is where the story begins of two cases of a meeting with these pixies, a Bana and a gheilt tráth. Two lovely humans, one successful and wealthy, the other failing at life and poor will get a taste of what it is like to set foot in territory unknown to them.

The End

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