Shade - Pixie.

We were fleeing and they were chasing. Some of us were running some were flying but we all had the same intention: to escape, to get away. They were persistant, however, and showed no signs of slowing. We met up with all the others that I'd chosen to leave behind and they joined us in our flee.

In desperation I opened a mind connection with the Elder who had asked me to join the Council. All Council members kept a connection with each other for convenience... it was like shutting doors in our minds but leaving them unlocked just in case.

Monexei, I yelled silently, A little help please!

Sorry, Shade, I've got similar problems, he answered. I caught a glimpse of him fighting off a couple of werewolves to allow his group to run. Monexei had the edge because he was comfortable with the nature surrounding them. That gave me a thought. I skidded to a stop. A couple of other Pixies stopped and looked at me, panicked.

"Keep running!" I commanded, "No matter what make sure everyone keeps running! Trust me!" Reluctantly they nodded and ran on. I could vaguely hear them repeating my orders. I spun to face the oncoming force. As they approached I thought silently but intensely; trying to open the old connection with nature.

Please hear me, I begged, You alone are grateful. Please help us to escape. Make it possible for all surviving Pixies to hide from the creatures of this world. Please.

The creatures were close now. I sent out another pulse of energy, weaker than before, and sent them flying back; not killing any. One lost their weapon and I dived for it. It was a sword. Now I had two defences. If nature didn't hear me then I wanted to make it possible for my Pixies to get away. I was all that stood between my people and those intent on killing us and all I had was my gift and an ugly, sharp blade that I didn't want to use. There was no way I could win.

It went on for a long time, though, despite their huge advantage. They disarmed me and I fell to the ground. They laughed at me and a couple lifted their own killing devices. I closed my eyes, covered my head with my arms, in a futile effort to protect myself, and waited for the blow when a strange... tugging feeling came over me. It was over quickly and I had the sense that the danger was gone. Cautiously, I peeked through my eyes and arms. There was no one there. My arms fell away and I stood up a bit wobbly.

I looked around me and, with a joyous smile, realised I was in another world. Nature was the Essence of this place. It was beautiful, everything shone or sparkled. The sky was clear and I could see an endless ocean in the distance: it was a gorgeous, untainted blue. All the plants were healthy and green, all the flowers were different bright colours. The sun caressed my skin with its warmth and the grass. There was no death here, only peace. It was so quiet and perfect. Something brushed my skin lightly and I glanced down to see a delicate butterfly on my grubby arm. I stroke its wings softly. I took in my surroundings again in wonder. It was just so breathtaking and unbelievable. Even if I had forever I could never get enough of this world and I could never fully describe it.

"Where am I?" I breathed.

You are in the world I have created to protect the Pixies. It is what you asked for is it not? I jumped a little as Nature spoke to me. I nodded.

"It is," I whispered, "I just never imagined anything so... so brilliant. It's exactly right and we're safe here. Thank you."

"It is the least I can do on behalf of all of nature," then she appeared. Nature in  physical form.

The End

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