Shade - Pixie.

We had to decide the best way to reveal ourselves to the rest of the world. We decided to scatter and all step forward at the same time. Each Council member would lead a group out into the open. I was terrified of the responsibility but I knew my duty and accepted it.

One month later and we were ready. My group and I braced ourselves before stepping out into the centre of this busy area of supernatural creatures. We were disgusted by the fact almost everyone carried ugly looking instruments of death. I was beginning to have my doubts that they'd be as welcoming as we'd originally thought: but all other Pixies were still certain they'd be as kind as us.

I glanced behind me at those I was responsible for. I'd only brought a small group with me just in case; the rest were hiding several miles away. We were so ignorant to the real world, blissfully innocent and I had a feeling that our time for being naive was about to end. Several of them nodded at me and I nodded back. I took a deep breath and stepped out, alone, into the sunny clearing. The reaction was instant: there were gasps and cries of shock from the Fairies, drawing of weapons from the werewolves and crouching into defensive stances from vampires. The other supernatural beings reacted in various ways. I stood tall and didn't let my fear show. After a long moment a vampire hissed at me.

"What the hell are you?" he demanded. I stared him in the eyes (and tried very hard not to look at his fangs).

"My name is Shade and I am a Highest Council member of my race. We were once mere Essences but recently acquired bodies. We call ourselves Pixies." I could sense the other Pixies emerging in groups and there were more wary reactions from the creatures before me.

"Yeah? Well, I call you freaks!" The vampire said. There was a murmur of agreement.

"You look like mutated humans!" Someone else called. The crowd began to jeer and surround us. They grabbed us and pushed us about but we were too gentle to fight back. We were just trying to slip away, to flee. It wasn't until something flashed through the air we reacted. It was coming at me and I grabbed the handle just before it reached me. It was a dagger and it had been aimed at my heart. My Pixies erupted at the attempt on my life. We all had powers but most of us hadn't known what they were until they exploded from us.

I don't know how many people died but we were evenly matched. They had numbers but we had speed and strength. I was calling out orders to retreat back to the others, to fly away with the bodies of our lost ones. One by one they managed to get out until it was just me left, fighting for my life. I discarded the dagger and used my power, my power I'd wanted to contain. It was a... burst of energy that escaped from me and anything within range went flying, some that stood too close died. The second I used it I used my wings to fly away.

I knew one thing from this confrontation, we weren't going to come back anytime soon, that's for sure.

The End

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