The Pixies are Born.Mature

Shade - Essence to Body.

I was one of the last to enter a body. The rest were in hiding planning very carefully how we'd reveal ourselves to the rest of the world. We were still pretty certain they'd thank us for allowing them to truly live in the world we'd given them.

I'd braced myself before entering the body of a female teenager. I could tell she was dying and she had been dying alone. I'd refused to leave her side. I comforted her and held her as she weakened. I hated the thought of anyone dying alone. When I found her I wasn't going to take her body. I'd just wanted to comfort and be there for her when she moved on. When I felt her Spirit leave I'd glanced up and gasped as I saw her Essence hovering there.

"Thank you," she breathed, "For staying with me until the end. My name is Kathleen. I wish to repay you for staying with me. Take my body, live the life I wish I could've had and always remember me." I was so amazed that I couldn't speak.

Thank you, I choked out, this is very kind of you. I swear I shall not forget you. She smiled sweetly at me before Fading away. If I'd had a body, I'd have taken a deep breath then entered the body.

When I entered, the body gasped and convulsed. I felt the wings growing on the body's back. It was agonizing. I screamed in pain. I felt the body's ears change shape and become pointed. I felt the body shrink a bit and the skin warmed. My back arced as the transformation was completed and I fully joined the body. No, not the body anymore. It was my body, it was me. I slumped back on the ground panting as if I'd run for days without stopping.

After a long time I managed to sit up. I was weak and dirty and tired. It was strange, as an Essence I'd never had to sleep or eat or clean myself. The emotions too! They were stronger than then the emotions I'd felt as an Essence.

I forced myself to my feet. I needed to get back to my home. I stumbled through the streets, retracing my steps. Walking... that's gonna take some getting used to. I loved it though. When I was strong again; I'd have to try running.

They appeared out of nowhere. The Essences who'd been in their bodies for more than a week. They grabbed my arms and helped me to reach the Essence hideout.

"What's your name, Child?" one asked with a smile.

"Shade," I whispered.

"Well Shade, we're going to feed you and give you some watetr before making you some clothes and cleaning you."

"Alright," I murmured. The first time I ate is something I'll never forget. It was the greatest, most satisfying thing ever. The feel of the water, trickling down my throat, was even better than the food. I washed all the dirt and grime off and pulled on the green dress that was given to me. I had a feeling that Kathleen had never known such luxuries in her life.

I was given a pillow and a blanket and slept for twelve hours on the floor. When I woke I felt refreshed and strong. I'd spotted my reflection in the water of the stream where I'd washed. My wings were a silvery blue and my eyes were a golden green. My hair was shoulder length and black with hints of a reddish-brown in it. Kathleen had been very pretty and upon entering her body I'd made her body even prettier.

I guess I won't ever be able to think of the body as truly mine like the other Essences did. I wondered, if I hadn't spoken to her and been with her while she lived would I think of the body as mine? I figured I'd always think of the body as ours as opposed to hers or mine.

When the last of the Essences had gained bodies there was a meeting. The Eldest had entered the body of a middle-aged man and he looked magnificent.

"There are three things we must now do," he told us in his deep voice, "First we must think of a name for our species now that we are no longer Essences. Any suggestions?" We were surprised he was asking us. Everyone pondered. I actually had an idea but was too nervous to say. A few people called out ideas but there was something not quite right about them. Shaking I raised my hand.

"Yes, Young One?" The Eldest addressed me directly.

"Well, sir, I was thinking, perhaps, Pixies might be a suitable name," I stuttered. There was an appreciative muttering around me.

"Come up here, Young One," Eldest gestured for me to go to him. The others parted for me as I nervously walked up to him. As I reached him he smiled at me warmly.

"What is your name, Young One?" he asked soothingly.

"I am Shade, sir," I answered.

"Ah! The best Observer we ever had! The one who led us on the right track with your observations of our own kind not just others. Well, well, I am not surprised it was you that came up with such a fitting name. Do you not agree, Children?" He called out to the others. There were many people yelling in agreement.

"So, Young Pixie, your reward... The second thing I was intending to do was rebuild the Highest Council and it would be a great honour if you would be the first new member," Eldest grinned at me. I gaped at him. Me? On the Highest Council? Me? I nodded in acceptance. Cheers went up.

Many more were chosen until we had a total of ten new members in addition to the two old. We made up the first ever Highest Council of the Pixies and I was on it.

Then we had to make the vital decision.

The End

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