Only Hope.Mature

Shade - Essence.

We cannot enter nature again after granting nature their freedom, the Eldest continued, We also cannot take someones life from them so we can survive. That is a selfish thing to do.

So what is it you suggest? We asked gently all at the same time. We could sense his guilt, his anxiety and his shame. We began to feel nervous ourselves. How bad could it be? It must be very bad if the Eldest was lacking any confidence to tell us.

Our only hope is to enter the bodies of humans who have only just moved on, he informed us sadly, They have died and their Spirit has left their bodies but the body won't have had a chance to decay yet. It is a shameful thing to do but this way we are not taking a life for it had already ended and we can survive.

We were horrified but we knew that it was the best option. We could see the Eldest's reasoning. He gave a plan, the Fading before anyone else. We departed and spent the night mourning for what we were going to do over the next few days. We all had to make decisions too. We weren't going to be too picky but we needed to decide whether we were going to be male or female.

The next morning the ones who had nearly Faded entered bodies of young children who they felt had died too young. We were astounded because when the Essences entered the bodies they transformed and healed into something completely new. They looked like Fairies a bit. They had small wings, each set of wings was unique to the Essence. Their skin had a slight shine to it and they all had special powers. If those powers were used then they glowed so brightly that no one could look directly at them. It was like an aura of unbearable beauty. They had pointed ears as well. There were a couple that entered the bodies of adults and they turned out to be incredibly short.

It had worked and we'd given these bodies back their life. Maybe this wasn't so bad as we'd initially thought. We could live without taking lives that already existed. We still felt ashamed of taking bodies that weren't ours but we couldn't help but feel hope that we weren't going to die out.

The End

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