Dying Out.Mature

Shade - Essence.

The name I chose for myself was Shade. I thought it was a good name. It was the type of tree that I had resided in and no one else had thought of it. Amazing huh? Millions of Essences and none of them chose that name. I was an Observer, which was an important job. We wanted to find our place in the world so we needed to observe how the other species lived. I observed more than just the other cultures.

Essence numbers were dropping. There weren't that many Fading at first but every day the numbers of the Faded increases. I suppose you could say it was like dying but we are just Spirits so we Fade. If we had bodies then we would die. We didn't know what the cause was. The Highest Council (or the Elders) were trying to find out what it was that caused us to Fade.

I was the best Observer in the world and I noticed that the younger, and weaker, Essences Faded more than the older ones. This worried me since I was young. I passed on my observations to the Highest Council. I felt foolish passing on something I'd noticed to such great Essences. I didn't think they'd listen but I was wrong because they took me very seriously.

It was years before they came up with anything but by then most of the Council had Faded. All that time meant that our millions had become thousands. We were getting desperate now. I figured I had only lasted so long because, although I was young, I was strong. There were once hundreds of Observers but there were just tens of us. We were chosen for our observational skills, not out strength so some had Faded and some had left to become Protectors. Protectors were strong but they were the kindest of the Essences as it was their duty to protect us. They felt horrible that they couldn't stop all these Fadings.

The last two Council members called us together. We met and waited to hear what they had to say. They seemed reluctant to tell us. Eventually the oldest of the two spoke.

Our numbers are few and they will only decrease unless we... take drastic measures. We need bodies, it is as simple as that. Everyone must die someday but without bodies then we cannot live our lives to their full extent  and we cannot have future generations... we will die out.

Ironic, isn't it? The other added slyly, Nature had bodies but needed us to truly be alive now we are Essences and need bodies to live at all.

Yes, yes, we appreciate the irony the eldest said sharply. We couldn't blame him for being so short and impatient we were all feeling the same stress. We waited silently for the solution they had come up with.

The End

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