Pixie Troubles.Mature

Insight to Pixies Histories in Equal Guardians


It was time to leave. It had been agreed that we would grant nature its independance, an independance that was spreading. Everywhere, creatures of all kinds are learning to live without our support. If nature was grateful then we were sure that the others would be grateful too. We were kind as a species and giving independance was the kind thing to do.

Now we had to go. We couldn't drag this out. The air all across the world shimmer as us essences pulled from nature. We were mere Spirits with no bodies. All our minds were interconnected. Millions of us hearing each others thoughts. It was havoc, deafening. Several of the oldest Essences got together to get us in order.

Silence! They commanded and those millions of thoughts shut up.

We do not know what it is like to be only Essences one of the Elders began.

We do know we must try to find a way to fit in with the Walkers, another continued. The Walkers were the creatures that were able to actually walk on the surface of the world. We kind of float a few inches above the ground.

What does that entail? A younger Essence asked.

We must create homes and a culture. We need a name for our kind, although for the moment we can remain calling ourselves Essences, and each individual one of us needs a name, a different Elder answered. There was a murmur. These were things we didn't have to worry about before.

We must also learn to block our minds from the rest or there will never be a pure silence for us. No privacy, no true life, the first Elder added casually. There was a shocked murmur this time. Block our thoughts from everyone else? How?

Do not doubt yourselves, Children, the Elders told us, We are Essences, we can do anything if we are so inclined. You will see, everything will be fine.

And we believed them. How could we not? We believed them and did as they suggested.

The End

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