Let's find some food and bunker up in the basement.Mature

"What if we grab some food and go to the basement? We can see better then in the morning!" Dave says.

"What if this game doesn't sense time?" Joe says.

"Well do you have any better ideas?" Dave asks.

"Not really..." Joe frowns.

"Okay. Let's go to the kitchen and get some food!" Kyle adds.

They all grab what they can quickly as they are hearing moans. At that moment something walks in from the dining room.

"Err... AAgghh!" 

"Kill it!!" Holly screams.

Joe and Dave both fire a few rounds into it and it drops to the floor and it blinks out.

"Nice!" Kyle shouts. "I wonder how food tastes in a video game..." He wasn't taking the moment seriously.

"Come on, let's get down there before more show up!" Joe says.

"I'm going, I'm going," Kyle replies as he follows them out the kitchen to the stairwell to the basement.

"Okay! Let's block the door!" Kyle says after they all put the food to the side. They unhook the dryer and line it up in front of the door.

"Well, this is exciting. Now what?" Holly says.

"We wait til dawn," Kyle says simply while eating a plastic container full of pudding. "This tastes like crap by the way."

"Weird. Are we really in the game? How is this working?" Joe asks.

"I don't know man. Better question is, how do we get out of it?" Dave replies.

"I don't know, but I hope we're safe down here..." Holly adds.

All of a sudden several hands start rising from the floor as they dig through the porous cement.

"Kyle! They're coming from the ground!" Joe yells.

"Oh shit!" He says with a mouth full of pudding.

"Shoot em!" Holly says. They kill six zombies before they get half way up off the ground and they blink away.

"Really? It's like the game is going to bring the zombies to us no matter where we go..." Joe says.

"Ya think!?" Kyle shouts.

All of a sudden a huge hole opens up and they quickly move to the walls of the basement to avoid falling in. A strange worm like creature made of zombies breaks through and swallows Kyle whole then drops back through the hole from which it came.

"Kyle!  It took kyle!  haha! Man this game is crazy!" Dave laughs.

"Man... This seems too real.  Do we get extra lives or something?" Joe asks.

"Man, I don't know. Could we really die from this?" Dave asks.

"It's coming back!!" Holly screams as the floor vibrates from under their feet.

"Move the Dryer! Throw it down the hole!" Joe screams as the three of them pry it away from the door.

The three of them manage to toss the dryer down the hole as the humongous snake creature tried to bellow out. As it opens it's mouth to grab Dave it swallows the dryer instead and it's eyes bulge. Joe, Dave, and Holly then run up the steps as the creature spits out the dryer and flings it across the basement. Angry, it takes out half the foundation and the steps as it slithers up to grab Holly.

"No!!" Holly cries as it grabs her legs and slurps her up. Her face and one hand reach out for Dave as he and Joe turn to witness it happen.

"Holly!" Dave yells and she blinks out while in the creature's mouth.

"Keep running!" Joe screams. The two of them run through the house as it falls apart. The front of the house collapses, blocking the door as they make it to the living room.

"Damn! We gotta go through the back!" Dave says as they stop. The creature was making it's way through the kitchen, demolishing everything in it's path.

"I'm not going that way, buddy!"

"We're trapped..." Dave sighs as they watch the stairs to the second floor collapse. The rubble doesn't stop the creature from going for them as it powers it's way through it. The ceiling falls on top of Joe and he gets pinned by the claw foot tub from the bathroom and water spews everywhere.

"Ugh! This actually hurts! What the hell!?" Joe yells.

"Help me shoot it!" Dave pulls out his gun. Joe barely grabs his from between his hip and his jeans and they both start blasting the undead gargantuan snake.

It rolls around in anger. Demolishing more of the house as it falls around them all. Then, it drops to the ground and stops moving.

"Be careful, Joe. You only got a sliver of health left. I'll help you out," Dave pulls boards and drywall and the claw foot tub off Joe and helps him up.

"Thank you," Joe says as he stands up. 

All of a sudden, the toilet from the bathroom upstairs falls as the rest of the floor gives way. Joe steps back and falls into the tub and Dave blinks out after getting hit in the head by the commode.

"Dave!!" Joe gets out of the tub and stands up, look around. Then, the snake starts moving again.

"Man, that's right. He's still alive. He didn't blink out!" Joe starts shooting the big snake again and he falls to the ground. The snake slithers up to him as he keeps firing and Joe pushes himself as he sits on the ground into a corner. Then, the snake lifts up into the air and then pounces him, swallowing Joe right up.

[Game Over]

The End

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