Let's play Zombie Outbreak!Mature

Kyle selects Zombie Outbreak from the choices and Joe, Holly, and Dave all sit back. The screen goes black and they all look at each other.

"Is it broken?" Joe asks.

"I hope not! That's a waste of forty bucks!" Kyle replies.

"Maybe you gotta blow the cartridge?" Holly laughs.

"It doesn't have any cartridges," Kyle sighs.

All of a sudden the head pieces send a jolt through their heads and they are now unconscious.  Or are they?

They all look around the room. It's still Kyle's house but, everything is pixelated into basic colors. Everything is still in place where it should be. The lay out of the house is the same, however, it looks like it had been recreated digitally. 

"What the hell is going on?" Dave says.

"Okay, this is freaking me out man!" Kyle moans. He gets up from the couch.

"Is this the game? Is this seriously the game? This can't be happening!" Holly says.

"Is this approved by the FDA?" Joe mutters.

"Hey, look, we all have health bars!" Dave points to above his head.

"Weird. What happens if we lose it all?" Joe asks.

"I don't want to know!" Holly cries.

"Man, this is freaky! Alright, I'm done playing!" Kyle goes to shut off the game sitting on the coffee table next to the pizza. It disappears and 8-bit style music starts playing and a voice is heard.

"Late one night, a group of friends got together for a party. However, what they didn't know was a zombie outbreak had been happening right in their neighborhood. Can these four young friends survive the apocalypse?" The voice says and the music tapers off.

"I don't like this..." Holly says. All of a sudden four guns appear out of thin air and hover in the center of the room like icons.

"Well, would ya look at that!" Dave grabs one of the icons and a pistol appears in his hand.

"I'm not playing.  This is too weird!" Holly says.

"Come on, holly, it can't be that bad! Take a gun!" Joe says.

"No!" She yells and all of a sudden there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it," Kyle walks over to the front door and opens it up.

"Uughhh!!" It was a zombie! It grabs Kyle as he tries to move out of the way. Dave jumps up and shoots the zombie in the head. It's body lays limp on the ground and flickers for a moment and disappears.

"Whoa!!" Joe grabs a gun. "Count me in!!"

"Did you just see that!? Haha!!!" Dave says in excitement.

"You just saved my life, bro!"  Kyle says back.

Meanwhile, more moaning can be heard from outside. There is scratching at the windows as they hear one bust in the kitchen.

"We gotta figure out what to do!" Says Joe. Kyle and Holly both take a gun.

The End

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