Let's play!Mature

Four friends who spend their summer off from college geek out to some old school video games after one of them order a gaming system from a shady website. Though, this isn't the Nintendo they remember.

"Joe, man! About damn time you get your butt over here!!" Kyle says as they exchange high-fives in at the door way.

"Right on, buddy. Life's been crazy. You know how it is!" Joe replies.

"Well, come on in. Dave and Holly are already here! We've all were impatiently waiting!"

They both walk into the living room and sit down as Joe is greeted by Dave and Holly. They all say hello to each other and sit down.

"Joe, dude, there's pizza here if you want some and beer in the fridge.  Help yourself man," Kyle says.

"Sweet. I'll get some in a bit. What's this game system you were talking about?"

"He found this weird website and tried to order an old Nintendo but they sent this other weird game that says 'super 8-bit on it." Holly says white playing with her hair. She jumps up in her seat and crosses her legs, sitting indian style on the couch.

"Yeah, major bummer.  I wanted to get something cheap to play around with. My xbox died and I totally had the crave to play some old school stuff. But, alas my efforts brought this..." Kyle gets up and walks to the television and kneels down and reveals a silver black box that resembles the original Nintendo gaming system. However, this one is different; it has four wireless controllers and four head pieces.

"Well, not a total loss. At least you shelled out money and actually got something for it.  Have you tried it yet?" Joe asks and takes a bite of the pizza.

"No. It's weird. I turned it on and tried it but it says there has to be four players or else you can't play."

"That's why we've been waiting for you to show up, Joe!" Dave says and takes a drink of his beer.

"Okay, so we're going to be your guinea pigs?" Joe asks.

"Yep, pretty much," Kyle replies.

"Alright, I'm game. 

"Sweet!" Kyle says and turns on the television and turns on the game system. He then hands a head piece and controller to each of them and everyone puts one on.

"Okay, seems to be a few choices." Kyle says reading the screen. It plays silly 8-bit music on the main menu.

"What should we try first?" Holly says.

The End

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