Pitter-Patter Kisses

I thought this up while sitting in the middle of our yard in the pouring rain with my eyes closed just listening. I know it's very odd but oh well...it's how I felt then.

Looking up, hearing the pitter-patter of the rain as it falls to the earth as if to kiss it.

Is there a story behind this?

Is there a reason why the rain kisses the earth so?

Here are my thoughts:

The water: So loving and so wishing to embrace the earth forever.


The clouds: Jealous and haughty. Angry. Greedy.


The earth: Warm and protecting.


These are my characters.

The clouds are jealous of the earth. The earth, so loved and dear, while they are forgotten.

They devise a plan to steal the earth's most precious substance, the water.

The water, helpless and sweet, is evaporated and collected by the greedy clouds.

Have you ever wondered why rain clouds are grey? I have.

The water is angry. It is so angered it strains against the clouds, trying to find its way back to the earth. The clouds must hold their breath and almost turn in upon themselves to keep their precious love within them. Their distress shows through on the outside. Their coloring is changed.

This is why they are grey.

Meanwhile the earth mourns its loss.

Have you ever wondered why there is dought?

The earth, without its water, refuses to give life to the vegetation until it is returned.

This is why there is drought.

In this time the water has grown too angry to be contained.

The clouds, desperate for air, must release the water with rumbles of rage.

The water falls, turning into droplets.

Droplets of rain.

As it embraces its love, the earth, it kisses it.

Pitter-Patter Kisses

Once again they are reunited.

But the clouds will return,

They will return to collect their precious substance once more.

The process will repeat itself.


.....just a thought.....


The End

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