The Ruby necklaceMature

When I reached the clock tower Alexander was already waiting impatiently.

“What took so long, I need to feed,” he growled.

“Alexander, what’s wrong you seem raged,” I ask.

“This hunger, this desire to drink is controlling me,” He admits. “ I can’t even be around my wife without wanting to rip her throat out.”

“I warned you of the draw backs,” I reminded him.

“I know,” He said shameful bowing his head.

“Look, someone is after me, I have to do this now,” I revealed.

“Follow me,” He directed.

It took two hours to get there, minus the thirty minutes we stopped to feed. We came upon a small cabin set far back from the road; I wouldn’t have noticed it on my own. Alexander knocked on the door in what seemed to be some secret code, and the door opened.

I followed him into the main room, which was filled with various aromas. I observed the small room made of wooden walls, and of which were all bare.

“This is her?” a voice called from behind the wall of the next room.

“Yes friend, this is her,” Alexander answered.

“You told her of my request?” the voiced continued.

I look at him puzzled,” What request?”

‘I’m sorry your rushed me, and I lost my train of thought,” he speaks. “She will help you block your presence from your assailants, in return for a vile of your blood.”

“You want my blood?” I question.

“Yes dear, for a spell,” The woman says finally joining us in the room.

She was older, with graying hair, and her skin began to sag under her eyes.

“What kind of spell?” I asked cautiously. “How do I know you won’t use it against me?”

“Oh child, so defensive this one,” she eyes Alexander.

I close my eyes and channel her thoughts, and her intentions. The spell she desires to fulfill is one of youth. She wishes to take the years off of her appearance, and regain the strength of her prime. It seems innocent enough, and I do not pick up any negativity in her thoughts.

“OK,” I agreed.

Once she took my blood, the training began. She first spelled a ruby jewel for me to wear around my neck, and this would help me harness my power. It would help my focus it all into the jewel for miniscule intervals of time. Exclusively when my mind was clear, and I was strong. Any little distraction could alter the magic the jewel contained, and it could cause me to spiral into a rage. Unleashing powers greater then even I can belt. She teaches me exercises to clear my mind of the thoughts around me, and transcend my sensibility to tranquil states.

After much explanation and practice, I finally walk away confident. It still doesn’t take away the fact that someone already knows where I am, someone is hunting me.  I tell Alexander of my invader in the alley this morning, and of the Allazei who saved me.

He tells me that he has heard tale of the Allazei fixating themselves on one person, and making it their goal to provide safety.

“The Allazei doesn’t remember anything when it’s transformed so how does that make sense?” I question his explanation.

“As I said they are tales, not facts,” he reminds me. “How do you know this Jarred?”

“He is a regular at my job,” I fill him in.

“Just your job, nowhere else, you’re sure?” He asks.

“Yes that’s all, why?” I’m curious now.

“The Allazei take many forms, it’s possible he has what has kept you safe all this time,” Alexander points out. “Maybe he has been tracking you too.”

This theory sends shivers up my spine, and the clock tower was in my view. I figured if Alexander was right, then I was safe for now. I clenched the Ruby, and I climbed the stairs to my apartment, after bidding Alexander good night.

I get as far as my door when I take notice to Jensen waiting outside. His thought are filled with anger , and worry, then he spots me.

“Seriah, I have been looking for you all day,” He addresses me.

“Look what I found on my door this morning,” He says handing me a note written in blood.

It reads, “leave the girl alone, or the next thing at your door will be death”.

I panic pushing Jensen inside, and I pull him into the room where there are no windows.

“Jensen, I have to tell you the truth, “I say regretfully.

“Truth about what,” He asks baffled.

“About me,” I say taking a seat on the bed,


The End

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