No calm after the stormMature

The rain had finally ceased, and so had Jensen’s insomnia. I admired as he slept peacefully next to me, and I knew I had to end this as much as it hurt. I crossed a line I promised myself I wouldn’t, and yet it changed me. In all my two hundred forty one years of living, I have never felt more alive. It would be dawn in a few hours, and I would return back to Zoe’s and Jensen back to his life.

I used those last few hours watching him sleep, his chest heave up and down as he breathed, and listening to his snores.

I had to get my head in the game, because I was meeting the witch Defina at twilight. Alexander had made a promise, and my intuition told me he would stay true. What a gift it would be, to never have to flee again, to settle down once and for all.

Then I thought about Jensen complicating things if I stayed, making me fall for him, and making me weak. If I was free and happy, was being weak such a bad thing?

I ventured into the kitchen room wearing only my tee-shirt, and started a pot of coffee anticipating waking Jensen with the aroma. I peered out the kitchen window onto the street, and saw the snow had turned to ice from the rain last night.

That meant a lot of casualties of the roads, which meant a vampires dream come true at twilight. All of the busy humans would be in hurry, and not minding the road, and causing a wreck.

The picture of the figure lurking up at me in the rain came rushing back, and I had a feeling my worries were not behind me just yet. Someone was stalking me, someone was not happy with me, and that someone knew my routines.

“Smells great,” Jensen says entering the kitchen.

“Yeah sorry to wake you, I have work soon,” I smile at him as he plants a kiss.

After coffee we left my place, and waited with Jensen until his cab showed up. I headed to Zoe’s on foot, the weather never bothered me, I did feel it, but just not as severe as the humans. I was half way to Zoe’s when someone grabbed me from behind dragging me in an alley, I didn’t know who it was but they were very strong.

“Make a sound and I will cut your throat,” the deep voice threatened.

I laugh at this, “Do you know who I am?”

“Yes, you’re an abomination,” He returns sharply.

I hadn’t been called that since I escaped from the other gods we lived among. My father could only keep me secret so long, before the gods sensed my mother and I.

“Who sent you?” I demanded trying to free myself.

He laughs, “I am going to enjoy killing you princess.”

Then out of know where he is knocked out from behind me, and I see Jarred, or the Allazei, or I was confused really. I turned to see my assailant, a tall muscular man towering well above me, lying on the ground.

Jarred roared as he edged close to me, I didn’t know whether to stay still or run. He looked into my eyes, and I saw confusion in his, I saw pain.

“Jarred?” I whispered. “Is that you?”

He just picked up the body of my attacker and disappeared into the city. Someone had found me, and this meant I didn’t have much time. If my death was not announced within days, then more would come glowering about.

I couldn’t go to work, not now, not after this had happened. I ran back to my apartment and packed a few things, then pointed toward the next town. I would wait there for sundown, and then I would find Alexander.

Once I was satisfied with my distance I set my bag down, and lay on the roof of the old building I climbed.  I contemplated on who my raider could be, and who sent him.

I now missed my mother too, I need advice about boys. She was always a lively spirit, even in her death she smiled. She was just not any vampire, she was royalty. It wasn’t hard to see why my father fell for her. There meeting was accidental, and my mother use to tell me the story all the time.

My father was sent to capture a demon known as Aeshma , demon of rage and anger. He had been tracking him when, he was distracted by my mother’s beauty. He pale skin, ruby red lips, golden eyes, and long brown hair. He said she literally took his breath away, at the time he thought her human. His mission kept him in focus for a while, and then the desire became too great toward my mother. He tried to deny his emotions, as he was ashamed once he learned of her nature. After that first kiss, he was devoted to her, and they lived in secret. Then when they learned of the pregnancy, word got around, and this angered the gods. They gave my father a choice, end her life or they would. So my father faked her death, and pleaded for her to save me. She ran for days hungry and alone, until finally she found a place to blend in until I was born. My father found her after my birth, and they were untied once more. Again word got back to the gods, and they killed my mother, and I believe it was out of jealousy for their love. A love so strong it withheld the inevitable, a love so strong it made history. It wasn’t long after my father was banished to the underworld.

I wiped the tear from my eyes as the last visible rays of light disappeared behind the horizon, and I started back towards the clock tower.

The End

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