Rainy dayMature

When Jensen finally woke I knew he would have questions, and so I was prepared.

"What happened," Jensen answered then lay back down with a pounding head ache.

"Wow your quite a party guy," I laughed. " You should of seen yourself last night, The life of the part. You were downing shots like there was a drought coming."

"I did," He asks confused.

"Yeah and I didn't know where you lived, so we took a cab back here, " I lied more.

Jensen reached to his neck, and jumped at the two bumps that were still fresh.

"Oh and some guy tried to pick a fight with you, jabbed a fork in your neck," I continued. "It wasn't that deep because the bouncers pulled him off, and that's when we left."

"I'm glad were OK then," Jensen said still rubbing his neck.

"Hungry?" I asked hoping we could change the subject.

I had to keep him busy for at least the next twenty four hours. I headed to the kitchen to make breakfast and he followed behind.

"Let me help," He insisted.

I got out all the things we needed, he cracked the eggs in a bowl and I chopped up various vegetables.

"I was thinking we could spend the day relaxing and watching movies," I smile up at him from the table.

"Sure," he complies.

After breakfast we exchanged stories of our past, and I was beginning to like Jensen even more. He never had kids, and he had been married once but it didn't work out. He was originally from Spain, and moved here after his divorce to write. He was an English professor back in Spain, and he misses teaching. He has a sister in Rome, and his parent's died when he was young. So basically like me he was all alone.

I told him I had no family left that I was close to, and that my life was complicated. I made it very clear to him I was no looking for a relationship, I was damaged goods. He insisted he saw good in me, and he would not give up on me, but not be forceful either. After a while we changed the subject, and I put in an action movie.

I watched from the corner of my eyes as we watched the movie. Being this close to him made it difficult, and to boot he puts his arm around me. I wanted to brush him off, but it felt so right. The temptation to reject him was becoming difficult, and I was absorbing him in. Aside from the stale smoke of the club he had a unique smell, and I found it pleasing.

"Do you mind if I grab a shower?" He asked after the first movie was over.

" Sure, I think I have a plain tee-shirt that will fit you, but no pants sorry," I smile.

"That will be fine," He answers me.

I hand him the towel and tee-shirt and direct him to the bathroom. I can hear the shower running, and this is one of those times I wish I had x-ray vision. He left the door cracked a little, but enough for me to see in. I didn't want to invade his space, or lead him on in any way. So I sat back on the couch frustrated, and waited for him to finish. I finally heard the shower turn off, and he opened the door only in a towel.

"Do you have an extra tooth brush," Jensen asks as I stare.

"Yes, under the sink," I say flustered hoping he doesn't notice.

He went back in the bathroom shutting the door all the way this time. I had to cool myself down while he dressed. I replayed the vision in my head again. The water trickled down his perfectly shaped ab's, and his towel sat low below his belly button. I pictured his muscular arms picking me up and carrying me to the bedroom. Placing me on the bed hunched over me, and his hands run down my thighs. He leans in to kiss me, and his lips taste delightful.

"All done, " Jensen startles me.

"Great," I say hoping I had no trace of drool running down my face.

A flash of lightning lit up the room, followed the crashing thunder that shook the room. I always found rain storms romantic, specially the way the described them in the love novels. Just one more wrench in my plan to refrain from caving in to his charm.

I tried to tell myself it was OK, but it still felt wrong these feelings I obtained. I walked over to the window and glanced down into the court yard. I was stunned by the figure that stand below me, and I couldn't make out it's form completely. I did sense the negativity fuming from it's aura. No sooner then I turned to see what Jensen was doing, that he kissed me again. This time I didn't pull away so fast, I embraced his tongue in my mouth. Electricity shot up my spine giving me goose bumps.

When he finally released me, I looked back out the window, but the figure was gone.

I put in another movie to break the tensions, and he cozies up to me on the couch. Just being close to him made my hormones dance, and I wanted to grab him and have my way with him.

Halfway through the movie I couldn't contain myself and I attacked him, right there on the couch. My hands were everywhere, and the kisses were passionate. I closed my eyes and he shoved himself gently inside of me.

I looked deep into his eyes as he did mine, and we made incredible love.

The End

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