An alliance is formedMature

I waited atop the clock tower, and stood by  for Mr brown eyes. I was a little nervous, and it dawned on me I never caught his name. Not long after her arrived, but not alone he had a female by his side. I could read his thoughts this time, which meant he was saving his power. The woman was his wife Alliah, and she was human? We were more alike then I had first realized, and I was in awe of their bond.

He accompanied her in the elevator to the roof, which lead out to the clock tower were I was located.

"This is my wife Alliah, and forgive my lack of introduction yesterday, I'm Alexander the second generation," brown eyes informs.

I extended my hand to greet them both,"It's almost time."

"There are a few things I must confess to you, and more information you need know. I hope this does not change things, and I you will not back out. First, once I take my first drink my goddess side will fade and my witch side will lie dormant until the birth of my first son. I will be only wolf and vampire. I have brought along my wife, to be my first, I think it will be less frightening. She has agreed to do so, on the promise I eventually turn her when the time is right. Second, you need not worry about the Ffygja any longer, it along with the vision of your father was a mirage to test your loyalty to the human. Lastly, my promise will hold true, I have a witch friend who will help you harness your abilities and teach you to block them," He finished his long winded explanation.

I was a briefly taken back by his affair with the Fylgja, but at the same time I understood the reasoning. if he keeps good to his promise, I will never have to run again, and I am curious to learn of his human relationship.

"Are you sure this is what you want, it can't be erased," I stressed boldly.

"I have had plenty of time to think it through," He tells me very heart felt.

The murkiness was invading the sky, and the first glimpse of the blue moon was visible. This will be the last day of his ability to see daylight, and I hope he was ready to live in the darkness.

"OK then," I said pointing to the blue moon.

I tilted his head back, and drank from his neck as he flinched from the initial bite. I snapped his neck, and his lifeless body fell to my feet. Alliah gasped at the sound of his body colliding with the concrete.

We waited for what seemed an hour, and then he finally began to stir. When he gained full alertness, he jumped to his feet.

"Are you sure about this?" Alexander asks his wife one last time.

She nods in alliance, and he nuzzles his face into her neck. I could tell it was hard for him to stomach the taste of the blood, but I assured him he would become accustom to it in time. He set His wife's weak body down delicately, and let her gain her strength back.

"So the human at the club, you like him yes?" Alexander violated my privacy.

"What's it to you?" I asked half embarrassed, half glad I could talk to someone about it.

"I know what it's like, to fall for someone your forbidden to love," He said with a misty eyed look. "The guilt of feeling you are betraying the gods wishes, and the fear of danger you may put them in."

"I...I am afraid for him, that I might hurt him," I admitted.

"You have to learn to control your emotions," Alexander tells me. "When a goddess loves, it is an eternal feeling that very rarely can be broken."

His wife began to stir, and he attended to her. I was left to visualize Jensen in my head, and the kiss. I wanted to see him, I wanted to be around him. I fear though, the distraction of my level of comfort around him will leave me unguarded.

Then I remembered something,"The Allazei, was that you too?" I turned and asked Alexander.

"I'm afraid that was the real deal, it was not my magic," He speaks.

I warn him of the side effects of a newborn vamp, as I remeber my first plunge into feeding. I tell him of the headaches, and the uncontrollable desire to seek blood. He will have to be strong and fight the urges, and only drink when necessary. He will have to remain discrete, or he will lure out things far worse then the demons who hunt us. We have established secrecy among the humans, and we hoped to remain. Any sudden catastrophes would draw attention, and then it would be all for nothing. I also told him the abilities he may gain will be random, and unforeseen, they just show up unexpected. There is a small chance taht he may gain no abilities, beside gliding and strength.

He promises to return in two nights, to take me to his witch friend Delfina to start the training. After the head cleared my sight, Jensen flooded my mind again. I was hesitant on whether to go see him or not, maybe I will just watch from afar.

I searched the alley's and streets, but Jensen was nowhere to be found. I couldn't read his thought, so he was not within a reasonable distance from me. Which meant he was not at his home either. This was unlike the behavior I have witnessed thus far, and I began to worry.

I scoured the city for him, and then finally his thoughts crossed me, and he was hurt. He had been not just injured, but bitten. I had to get him to my house, and keep him there until the passing of twenty-four hours to ensure he does not feed. I could not let him become the very thing I struggled with, and I could not loose him either. I finally spotted him on the edge of town, and I scooped him up.

"Seriah," He said faintly as he gazed up at me.

"Everything will be fine, I promise," I tell him as we finally reach my place.

Once inside I lay him on the couch, and cut a slit in my arm, spilling blood into his mouth. Now all I had to do was make sure he stayed alive, and I was up for whatever that meant. I peered into his eyes to compel him, and all I could think about was kissing him. My want for his life overcame that emotion, and I compelled him. I told him we had went out to the club, and he drank to much, so we crashed at my place.

"Seriah...," He started to say as he drifted off into slumber.

The End

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