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My heart thumped louder then my feet on the stairs below, and I raced up to my apartment. I stared from my window as Jesen happily strolled away, and I could red his thoughts again. He was overjoyed about the kiss, but weary not to chase me off.

I showered off the smell of sweat and stale smoke, and then changed into sorts and a tank. Since I had already drank, I deemed it safe to just watch the sun rise from the clock tower.

I thought about the kiss, it was so meaningful; and gentle yet so wrong. Even so it made me smile at the very thought of it, and replayed it in my head several time before being distracted.

I was rattled by the presence of Mr brown eyes peering up at me, and it was then I realized something. When he was within a few feet of me, it blocked my thought reading ability. I know this because my mind was completely blank, and the last traces of my kiss with Jensen faded out.

What does he want I thought to myself, but he had to of already know that which is why he responded.

"Just to talk," His voice rough and serious.

I gestured to him I would be right down, and I took the stairs to the bottom, and entered into the court yard.

"Why didn't you just glide down?" He asked which shocked me.

How does he know this of me, has he been following me? I knew something seemed off about him at the club, and now I see why.

" I have been tracking you for years and finally caught up with you," He confessed.

"Why?" I asked

"You and I we are alike in many senses," He tells me.

"I doubt that," I scoffed.

" I said alike, not exact," He says forcefully. "The god half"

This caught my attention, and now I knew why he could block my thoughts.

"So then say what you want, and be done with it," I growled.

"I like you was born an abomination in the gods eyes," He explains.

"So how come they haven't found you?" I question.

He explains,"Unlike you my mother was not a well recognized goddess, and so nobody paid much attention. My father the half witch half werewolf part of me found a blocker spell before he died. He cast this spell upon me, it blocks the powers and thoughts of anyone within ten feet of me."

I fell quiet for several minutes until I gripped his words," So what business do you have with me?"

"You want to turn me over to the gods for your pardon to freedom?" I asked angry minded.

"Not at all, wait hold back those thoughts please," He boomed

"What? You can read my thoughts?" I asked in a panic.

"Yes, but only when I'm within arms length of you, your powers are to strong to tame at a farther distance from me," He admits.

"Then why are you here?" I ask him.

"To help you," He says.

"To help me what?" I laughed.

" I can help you harness your abilities undetectable," He tells me.

This peeks my interest," I'm listening."

He smiles," In return I need something from you."

I can't imagine what else he possibly needed, and I was almost afraid to ask.

"Turn me," he requests.

'What?" I say confused. "Why on earth would anyone want that curse?"

His head bows down, and he takes a seat on one of the tables in the court yard. His silence tells me his intentions are for good reason, but the cause is not no colossal.

He finally spoke," With every spell cast there is a price, and my father's was death. Mine, is the bane of the full moon. After the 21st year of existence each full moon deteriorates my wolf side. My 21st year was two years ago, and I can feel the weakness subsiding in my body. It is the only way my father could protect me, and keep balance in nature. I am desperate, and I am willing to risk all that is the curse of the blood drinkers. The way I see, is if I am part vamp my death will not fall, only the wolf part, " he finishes.

"What if it doesn't work, and you....die?" I ask a little worried.

" When  wolf dies, his spirit lingers in the earth, and my god side will loll long enough for the vampirism to kick in. The catch is it has to be on the night of a Blue moon," he tells me.

A blue moon is currently used commonly to describe a second

full moon in a single solar calendar month, which happens every two to three years (seven times in the Metonic cycle of 19 years)

The next blue moon is tomorrow night," I realize out loud.

"Yes , it is," he confirm.

I thought about it for several moments, and concluded it wasn't me would had something to lose .

"OK, meet me up there tomorrow right as dusk crawls in," I tell him pointing to the clock tower.

He nods affirmatively and disappears into the traces of the new dawns arrival.

The End

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