Stolen kissesMature

It had been around a week since Azazul's parting, Jarred the Allazei, what I rationalized was the fylgja, and seeing Jensen. It was all so much to revenue, including my two day absence from Zoe's.

I'm not confident of my caprice toward the sight of Jarred again, or if his memory will clasp the triumph. I moped about my apartment, not even reading my books. As with all drudging times, I was assimilating a case of cabin fever.

Zoe's it is then, and the whole way to Zoe's my senses were on high alert. The weather was beginning to grow colder, and I felt a storm brewing. The flurries of snow tumbled down from the sky, as the trees were covered in white blankets.

When I heaved open the glass door everyone looked up, but quickly returned to their customers. I progressed to my station, and then prepped for a potential client.

I pulled out my head phones, and then put on some Paramore on my music player. Music relaxed me sometimes, at other times it irked me. I barely had two clients today, one for a skull tattoo behind the ear, and one for a daisy on the wrist. I didn't mind, because money was not an obstacle for me.

I made my way back home through the snowy streets, and I must admit I felt a little more spirited than this morning. My strength was at full capacity, minus the other drama drinking was something I did not miss.

It seemed like a pretty uneventful day, and so I made my mind on going to Korova later. I would have to dodge the alley's to steer clear of Jensen. Not seeing him helped me, not want to see him.


When I entered the club Cecil was in his usual spot, and he nodded me over.

"Heard about Azazul," he enjoins.

"Yes and what is it you heard?" I inquire.

"Not much, just that Azazul was taken out by some creature," he proclaims.

"Then you know what I know," I lie.

I'm pretty good a hiding my thoughts from Cecil, even more so when he is distracted by the flesh crowded room.

"Well dinner is here," Cecil says as he walks off.

I had thought about asking him of the flygja, but it would only peek his interest in my interest.

I headed to my usual space at the bar and ordered my tequila, but was rudely shoved forward before I could take it. I turned around to speak my temper, but I was lost in the deep brown eyes that pierced my stare.

"Pardon me miss," the stranger smiles slightly.

He is, not human, but I have never seen him around before. I felt more power then just a vamp too, but where was it radiating from? Who couldn't be, no its not possible. I'm the only of my kind in existence, I'm being paranoid.

"No worries," I darted and sped off.

"Miss, wait can I...," he started to say but I gave him no attention.

Darn, that's two times in a row I thought to myself, and then I departed Korova. I was intending on having some fun, so I settled on another club at the end of the block. Klub Karma, I know what an ironic name for a club filled with vamps.

Once inside I finally threw back my shot and sat at a nearby table to gather my thoughts. Though the thoughts of everyone else invaded my head, even when they were unessential to me.

"Seriah, hey!" Jensen said as I turn to see who is talking.

Not really the person I wanted to see at the moment, and it seems I just can't get a break these last few weeks.

"May I?" He asked printing at the empty chair.

I smiled and gestured for him to sit, and he did so.

" I didn't know you were into the club scene," I teased using my fingers as quotation marks when I said it.

"Not usually, but I do enjoy a drink every now and then," Jesnsen advises.

I could feel the emotions rushing back to me, and the alcohol was my worst enemy at this point. I could feel him staring at me, but for the first time I couldn't read his thoughts. There was nothing blocking them either, and this was new to me. First my compulsion doesn't work, and now I can't read his thought?

I looked to to see the stranger who had given me a tequila shower at Korova, and his eyes did not leave me. I could not read his thoughts either, am I coming down with a cold ore something? This lack of power was beginning to eat me up, and so I excused myself to the ladies room.

"OK shall I order you another drink?" Jensen calls after me.

"Yeah sure," I mumble.

In the bathroom I splashed cool water on my face, and that's when one of the stall doors swung open. It was a girl around her early twenties, blonde hair with black streaks, a nose ring, and skirt short enough to disappear if she sneezes.

I was angry, confused, annoyed and thirsty so I planned on a quick snack. I pushed her into the stall and compelled her not to remember ever seeing me, and it seemed to work. After I was satisfied I leaned her up against the wall until she had time to regain her energy. I wiped my mouth, and then made sure everything was in place before I left the restroom.

As I walked back to the table Jensen was at, I got a sudden extra blast of stamina. Whether it was the alcohol or the blood, I could've care less.

"Everything OK? Jensen asks handing me a fruity drink.

"Yes never better," I said in a cheery voice it almost sounded fake.

"Lets dance, " I asked seductively.

He seemed nervous, "OK, I'm not great."

I pulled him out on the dance floor, holding my drink in one hand and my other hand on his shoulder. I saw him respectfully checking me out. I admit my cinnamon colored dressed hugged my curves in all the right places. The low cut front was a little inviting, and my matching cinnamon stiletto's completed my savvy look.

The music was upbeat tempo, and I swayed my hips to the sound blaring from the speakers. I felt I was being watched, and I was right Mr brown eyes was in the corner gawking. I assume he had followed me from Korova, his intrusive behavior aroused my senses. He wants a show? I will give him one he wont forget, and I smashed my body against Jensen.

Totally neglecting Jensen's feelings, because I was distracted. I turned my back to him and slithered down his body to the music. When I turned to see if he enjoyed the show he was gone, and Jensen displayed a flustered look.

What have I done? The one thing I was avoiding had just become truth, Jensen probably knew I was into him now. Not the impression I wanted to leave, but as carefree as I felt I shook it off. I led him back to the table, and we finished our drinks.

I had enough of the club for the night, and I excused myself.

"Wait can I walk you home?" Jensen asks.

"Look, you seem like a great guy and I don't want to lead you on," I tell me.

"I'm not asking to sleep with you, I just want to walk you home," He states.

A little embarrassed by his assumption of my thoughts I accept, and we leave the club. We made small talk all the way home, and I had mentioned about his book. He was a writer his whole life, but he had been having writer's block. That was the cause of this spell of insomnia.

When we got to my place I announced that I could walk up myself, and I thanked him for walking me.

"Hey my buddy Jeremiah lives here," he remembers.

I'm relieved he doesn't recall being here at my place, and I grab the door to the building. Not sure how long it's been that I actually use the stairs at night.

I turned to tell Jensen one last good-bye, but he was right there in my face, and he kisses me.

The End

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