The Fylgja and the AllazeiMature


As the Amber kissed the sky, I knew it was time to push off. As it was still partial day, I had to use the stairs like every other natural being.

Azazul wanted to meet at the old burnt Pizzeria on the edge of town, so I made my way East bound. Upon arrival I scanned the lot, and it was still clear.

I waited as the murkiness continued to grow, and soon I could feel Azazul. I was also on high alert for the fylgja, and whatever form it may appear to me.

It didn’t take long for Azazul to sense me either, and he called me out, Jensen in hand.

“Seriah, I know you’re here, I can feel you,” Azazul roared. “Come out, or your little human chew toy gets it.”

I walk out showing Azazul I was unarmed, well beside the concealed silver dagger in my boot.

“What is the nature of this nonsense Azazul, and how do you know I care to spare his life?”

Azazul blustered with laughter,” Have you forgot, I can feel what you feel child?”

Azazul also had the ability to sense highly elevated hormones, it was the way he tried to charm me. He used his ability to his advantage, not that I blame him.

“I assumed you would read my mind, and come here,” Azazul bragged. “Though I didn’t think you would bring friends.”

I was confused, because to my knowledge I was alone. As he said that, I sensed something to, not human though. Then a shiver of revulsion lined my spine, the fylgja? Could it be what Azazul and I both picked up? I tried to play my cards, and act if I knew nothing of a friend.

“What is this delusive statement you make?” I ask.

“The woman, the one who guards you,” Azazul sounded slightly afraid.

I still didn’t see her, but she must be near if he did. I wasn’t sure how to continue, and if he was even accurate on his assumption.

“Quit stalling Az, what do you want?” I howled.

“What I have always wanted of course, to see you suffer, as you have made me do,” he said I sensed a little crick in his voice.

“Not going to happen,” I divulged.

“Well I think you might think differently, if I were to, say turn him,” Azazul threatened.

I knew he was playing me, and it was more than just that. Azazul has never resorted in such a way in the past, so I tested him. I could read his thoughts, he was unsure of himself.

“If you had intention to, you would have already,” I called his bluff.

Azaul spoke,” you know I always hated that about you, the mind reading.”

Jensen looked out of it, Azazul must have drugged him. Thankfully so, what a torturous thing  to remember.

Then I saw her, behind Azazul, but he didn’t see her. I remember reading a fylgja can not kill or be killed, but they do have the ability to alter ones path.

She placed her hands on Azazul’s head, and sent his into a vision, bet he wished he didn’t have that ability now. She had somehow linked me to his vision as well.

We were here in this very clearing; Azazul was lying amongst the bodies of his army, daggered through the heart. I stood over him, looking down at him as his soul slowly let his body. He reached his hand up, but I shoved the dagger father into his chest. Then he was gone, and the memory of his son turning into a blood thirsty monster filled his head as he deceased.

The fylgja let her hands fall from Azazul, as his demise overwhelmed him he released Jensen.

“Look Seriah, I only wanted to teach you a lesson, I didn’t mean any harm.” He whimpered. “Please don’t hurt my boy, I promise to give you no more trouble.”

As I listened to Azazul plead his fable, a silver blade pierced through his chest. It was not the fylgja, it was a vamp I had never seen before. As Azazul’ body fell to the vamps feet I saw his face.

He was not a man at all, but an Allazei, up close and clear. I had to rub my eyes when I saw the resemblance he shared with Jarred. I didn’t know whether to be afraid, or thank him. Allazei’s can be dangerous as they remember nothing when they are transformed. He made the decision for me as he disappeared off into the eventide.

I ran to jensen who lay ten feet from Azazul. I couldn’t read Azazul’s thoughts, and that’s when I knew he was gone. I never wanted Azazul to see his death; I only wanted him to leave jensen alone.

I scanned my surrounding for the fylgja, but she was gone to, if that’s what she even was. The real fylgja may still be out here, and I was not about to take my chances.

I helped Jensen up, and he was still out of it a bit.

“Seriah?” he queried. “Where are we?”

I paid him no mind as he slipped in and out of lucid thoughts. As we neared the city the festivities were dying to a dull roar.

I retrieved the wallet from Jensen’s jeans for his address, and then dropped him at his door step. His home was small, and close to town so it didn’t take long to get back home.

I inhaled deeply as I watched the dusk slowly fade back into dawn, and I wished my father were here. I was lost, and I needed guidance.

Jarred, an Allazei I thought aloud, how?

The End

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