A glimpse into the futureMature

I hovered over Jensen waiting for him to gain consciousness. I was a little weary about bringing him back to my place. The fact that compulsion doesn’t work on him, meant he would know where I live. I was still flummoxed that he was able to override my compulsion. I had wondered if my ability to plant memories in his mind would also fail, but I had to try.

 I had taken care of Azazal, for the time being. I threatened to expose his dhampir child to his first drink. Azazal was trying to lead his boy on the human path of life. All it would take is one drink to poison him, to expose him to the life of a blood thirty newborn vamp.

Eventually his eyes opened, glowering right into mine. My heart was uncontrollable beating loudly, and it felt as it would burst through my chest cavity. He was still a little groggy, and he reached for the bump on his head.

“We were mugged,” I said quietly. “I didn’t know where you lived, so I brought you here.”

He sat up slowly and surveyed his surrounding, and then he spoke.

“How long have I been out?” he asks.

“Two hours,” I respond calmly.

“How did you get away?” He asked me suspiciously.

I sensed that he knew something was different about me, but he didn’t suspect immortality. He just knew I was special, and it made me feel king of exceptional for once.

“Some of the people from the club heard me scream when you fell. They rushed over to us, and the mugger ran off. I told tell all you were with me, and I would get you medical attention,” I explained falsely.

“Why did you grab my arm, like you knew he was coming?” he questioned.

“You ask a lot of questions for someone who almost died,” I snapped.

“I’m sorry,” he said lowering his head. “I just wanted to figure out what happened.”

I felt bad for him as I could read the sad thoughts inside his mind. He was just happy he was near me, and he didn’t want to go. The least I could do is offering him a drink, so that is all I will do.

“Can I get you coffee?” I offered.

“That would be nice, thanks,” he accepted.

I went into the kitchen and started the iron kettle on the stove, and my heart finally slowed. I could hear him thinking about being in my apartment. He was timorous again, so he picked up the book I had on the table.

“So you like love novels?” he called from the other room.

I returned to the room with a hot cup of coffee, and I handed it to him. His hand skimmed mine slightly, and it sends shivers up my spine and that wasn’t all. I had a glimpse just like Azazal does, but it was future not past.

Azazal had ignored my threat and called together some vamp friends to sabotage me. They were surrounding us, and there were about twenty of them. If I acted, I would expose myself and them to Jensen. I had to think quickly, so I resorted to despair.

I knocked on Jeremiah’s door, whose face lit up until he saw Jensen so I had to compel him.

I never knocked on your door, and this is your friend from high school you ran into him at the club. You invited him back for drinks and you two passed out.

Jensen looked at me like I was deranged, but I had no choice. I decided to take a chance that the memory imprint would be effective on him. I planted the same memory in his mind as Jeremiah, hoping this would erase everything else that happened tonight. It must have, because they both waived at me as I went back to my apartment.

Azazal was within yards of me know, and I whisked to the clock tower just in time to see him clear the parking lot.

“Come out and play you pretty little pest,” he demanded.

I swooped down, planting my feet in front of him. I grabbed him into a choke hold, as I was much stronger even without drinking tonight. I snatched the silver stake from the pocket of my jeans I had changed into when Jensen was out cold. I held it to his heart, and warned him to call off his army of misfits. After struggling to free himself he complied, and gave them the green light. In a twinkle they all dispersed, and silence rang the early morning.

“You know I could hold you hear another hour until the sun rises, and it’s dissolution for you,” I threatened.

“What the fun in that luv?” He mocked me.

He was right, and his blood would be on my hands. I had no choice but let him live to see another twilight, and I released him.

“It’s not over,” I growled and glided up to the clock tower.

I watched the sun rise, and then returned to my apartment to shower for work. As the hot warm ran over my body images of Jensen appeared in my head.

Then I remembered my vision, I had never been able to see the future before now.




The End

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