Bloody VampsMature

When I entered club Korova the music was loud, and it smelled of stale cigarettes. Korova just happened to be the local vamps favorite spot. So it was so surprise when I spotted Cecil waiting for his next spoil.

The vamps left me alone, as the only thing they cared about was blood. I stayed to my business and they kept to theirs. Though many of them knew I was part goddess, they knew better than to squeal.

“Hey Cecil, how’s dinner looking tonight?” I asked half teasing.

“Busy night,” he hissed back.

I had to be careful around Cecil because he also had the ability to read minds. I could block him, but only for so long. So I thought about anything but Jensen. Cecil was one of the few vamps I associate with, we have a mutual agreement. He stays clear of my path, and I let him live.

“Haven’t seen you in here lately,” Cecil chuckled. “Streets run dry did they?”

I was a little offended, and I could sense he was reading that in my thoughts before I could answer.

“Come on doll, I was only playing, plenty of food to go around,” he quickly rebounded.

I sensed I made Cecil nervous, but not just because I could snuff him out with a little attempt. He also found me to me attractive, and he envied my freedom to roam about the day light. He not only envied it, he wanted to posses the power to do so himself. I could feel my mind starting to surface back to reality, so I bid him goodbye.

I made my way to the front of the bar and ordered a drink. I took a deep breath and downed a double shot of tequila, the good stuff.

“Hello beautiful,” a young British man greeted me.

It caught me off guard and I did not like his thoughts, what he wanted to do to me. So I smiled politely and stared into his eyes, and then began compulsion.

You want to talk to me but I look to intimidating for your liking, so you just left me alone. You spotted that blonde over there across the bar and decided to go for her instead, now go.

I just finished kicking back my second shot when I heard another familiar voice, one I did not like.

“Hey Seriah, never seen you here before,” Jessie looked me up and down.

“Well you don’t really know me now do you?” I replied rudely.

“Guess not,” He snapped back.

I could tell he wanted to buy me a drink, but before he had a chance I spoke.

“I’m meeting a friend, I have to go,” I trailed off as I walked the opposite direction.

I was just in time to see Cecil slipping out the back with a drunken lady, and her friend. He winked at me and disappeared through the doorway. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I whipped around, it was Azazal.

“Fancy meeting you here luv,” he winked.

Azazal was an old school vamp, and he had seen it all. There was moment when I had thought about him in a romantic way, but a moment was all.

“I don’t have time for your flirtation tonight,” I snarled as I tried to walk off.

Azazal grabbed my arm and whipped me around, and I knew when he made contact he knew. He had the ability to see a glimpse on someone’s visions with a simple touch. He looked at me a bit stunned, but I jerked my arm free.

“A human?” he asked with such displeasure.

I stormed off; my night hadn’t had a chance to pop off before it sadly concluded. I was discouraged and ready to leave, so I headed to the exit. The smell of stale smoke lingered in the alley as I walked slowly toward home. My thirst had seemed non-existent tonight; I just wanted to be alone.

“Seriah?” I heard a voice call from behind me.

I twirled around to see Jensen standing in front of me. I was frozen, all the animalism of my thoughts surge through my body. I wanted to run, but my feet remained planted.

“Hey Jensen, can’t sleep again?” I asked trying not to sound interested.

“No, what about you?” he asked kindly.

The immaculateness in his hazel eyes called me closer, and so I went to them.

“I was meeting some friends, but they didn’t show,” I fibbed as I fidgeted with the gold bracelet on my wrist.

“Their loss then,” he shrugged.

Before I could make more conversation, I sensed Azazal was near. I panicked, and grabbed Jensen’s arm to steer him away. When I did I could feel the spark of electricity deluge through my body. Not actually electricity, but hunger. I guess the humans call it, butterflies in your stomach.

I quickly released his arm, and I could tell without even reading his thoughts he felt it to. I had to compel him, Azazal was close and he would see. I looked into his eyes and began.

You never saw me tonight; you walked along the streets and talked to no one. Then you returned home safely.

I wheeled around to assent, but I was taken aback by his words.

“I did see you, you’re standing right there,” he said abashed.

My compulsion had not worked on him, and Azazal was closing in fast. He was on the roof top above, and he was impeding me from reading his thoughts. Before I could think Azazal glided down in front of us, and Jensen was even more baffled than second ago.

“AZAZAL, NO!” I screamed as he plunged forward knocking Jensen unconscious.

The End

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