“Seriah, did you hear me?” Greg voice boomed with annoyance.

“What?” I snapped back.

“I said you have a phone call,” Greg repeated as he dropped the phone on the counter.

I was lost in thought, focused on seeing Jensen again. I hated this feeling of consumption, and I had to find a way to fight it.

 Fight it before it weakened my senses, and I let my guard down at the right moment. I will perish at the hand of The Cacodaemones army of twits. They would show me no mercy, as they are evil spirits sent  from the underworld to cause harm. Anyone in their wake was in danger, and do trust me when I say it was an uncomely sight.

I have also had my share of visits from Epiales, the underworld demon of nightmares. It had been quite a while since an encounter, as that is a sure sign they have neared in on my location. Anyway back to the matter at hand, I had to dismiss Jensen from my mind all together.

I grabbed the phone and spoke into it,” Yes this is Seriah.”

It was jarred, another regular wanting to schedule an appointment for tomorrow. He was letting me know he emailed me a sketch of his latest endeavor of ink. I told him I would check it out and have a sketch ready tomorrow by his appointment. I pulled up his email and saw a picture of the creature Allazei, in the human world he is but an ancient myth. I have never met him personally by my father had told me stories.

An Allazei is a creature that is human at birth but when they reach a certain age and other conditions are met, they change into half-human half-beast hybrids, the conditions and beast that the Allazei transforms into depends on the nature of the Allazei. When an Allazei transforms, another entity inside of the Allazei takes over and the Allazei remembers nothing from when they were transformed, but there are ways to get rid of the 'alter ego' and gain the ability to transform at will, but it is very difficult to do and requires a lot of strength.

It made me miss my father Mino a King of the island of Crete, He was forced to be a Judge of the Dead in the Underworld, alongside Aeacus and Rhadamanthys. I may have mentioned his banishment previously.

Aeacus was one of the three judges of the dead in the Underworld. He was originally a king of the island of Aegina who obtained his position as a reward from the gods.

Rhadamanthys was one of the three Judges of the Dead and king of the Elysian Fields, home of the favored dead. He was a famously just lawmaker who was appointed this position as a reward after death.

Again I had been lost in thought as Leo approached me, “Seriah are you OK, and you seem a bit distracted today?”

“I had a bad night, nothing I can’t sleep off,” I lied as I returned to my station.

But I was distracted; I was haunted by my inner desire. I was being tempted my by lust as a woman to be loved.

The day breezed by, though well assiduous with clientele. I climbed the same humdrum stairs as I did each night, and was greeted by Jeremiah like clockwork.

Today though I was not interested in a novel of love, today I was going to go out to the club. I needed a good diversion from my intense covetousness toward Jensen, and what a better place to do so.

I picked out a short, black strapless dress and lay it on the bed. I paired it with a pair on six inch red stilettos and then I jumped in the shower.

After I showered I dressed in the items I selected, and examined myself in the mirror. I usually threw my fire red hair in a bun atop my head; it was out of my way. Tonight though, I let it flow over my pale shoulders. I applied my lip shimmer and left for the club.

The End

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