The alleyMature

The blackness finally met my approval and I departed to the clock tower. The glacial air detained the humans’ prisoners to the warmth of their homes, but there was always a few brave souls loitering about.

I leaned back and gazed above to the stars, it reminded me of my parents’. My mother, the vampire side, had been killed with a silver spike to spite my father. Her death was at the hand of another God, who was jealous of my father, and he thought of me as an abomination. This is the reason I am being hunted. Though I cannot be vanquished by violence, I can be cast of to the underworld. This now is where my father has been detained for two hundred years. The guilt eats me sometimes, but in truth it was a sacrifice neither one of them regret. Their love for me was unbreakable, and I know they would do it all over again.

Tonight I had a strange feeling; I sensed a blanket of happiness upon me. Perhaps the spirit of my mother shadowing me, or maybe just then tingling of the wind on my skin.

I rose from the roof of the clock tower and gaped upon the streets of Balzano. The sweet smell of blood nearby permeated my nasal passage, and I began my descent. I was sure to be discrete every time, but occasionally I would dress up and hit a club first. Find a gullible spoil inside and seduce him to invite me home. He would wake in the morning thinking he got lucky, and I had already left. Oh did I mention I can plant memories inside peoples mind, yes I have that ability as well. So I got what I wanted, and he thought he did to. No harm no foul.

The streets were quiet apart from the night clubs and bars with their blaring music. I walked behind the buildings in the alleyways, it was safer and I could be on guard.

Then I sensed I was being followed, I remained placid. I could hear his heart beating rapidly, as he stashed himself away from my sight. I could tell from his thoughts this was not the first time he had followed me, but there was purity about him. He meant me no harm; it was his curiosity that triggered his venture.

He was nervous, yet his motive for ensuing me was still unclear. I was intrigued by his sense of officiousness. I foraged for his location, until I narrowed down his scent. He was close, but not to close for me to flourish him off. I flared in from behind his position undetected, and I watched from the roof top above him.

He was average build and he stood about 5’9. His hair was chestnut, his eyes hazel, and his skin milky white like mine. I observed him for a while and ran through his thoughts. He was intrigued by my beauty and he wanted to know who I was. He had no family so to speak, and he had only one friend who he really wasn’t close to. He has insomnia, so he spends his night traveling the streets. Like me he is a people watcher, and lurks in the shadows remaining invisible. He reminds me of myself a little, lonely and lost. I admire this in him, and with the ability of intense sense of feeling, I can sense his pheromones are at high levels.

I knew my boundaries and I held my ground, but there was something in him that lured me in. He possessed an element that ensnared be into his mind. I wanted to know more, I wanted to see what that element was. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I intended on finding out. I glided down softly behind him, avoiding a sudden panic on his part.

“Are you following me?” I spoke softly.

He whirled around a bit startled and speechless at first. His thoughts said he was a little fearful, but then he returned back to a pastoral state.

“I…um…I have insomnia, and I have seen you around,” he started to stay then halted.

He was trying to think of a way to word it without sounding like a creep. To save him from the embarrassment I introduced myself.

“I’m Seriah,” I greeted him.

“Jensen, nice to meet you,” he replied.

“It’s not safe lurking in alleys,” I warned him.

He spoke carefully,” I could say the same to you.”

The large crowds expired from the clubs as they closed for the night, and the noise distracted him long enough for me to escape. I watched him from the roof top once more, as he browsed the alley for me before heading back on the main street.

I returned to the clock tower where I discerned the city in silence. I didn’t like the hold Jensen had on my mental thoughts. I didn’t fancy the hankering feeling in my stomach to visit him again. I was supposed to be careful, so why did I reveal myself to him? I was angry at myself, but even more so I was ashamed I had been foolishly indiscrete.

The End

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