I opened the dirty glass door of Zoe’s tattoo and art, and everyone was already chattering about their weekend affairs. Greg was the most attractive of the bunch, and he was bragging on the hot babe he had bagged. I for one found his behavior repulsive and insecure, the repetitive stories of disrespectful one night stands. He was indeed though the co-owner, and therefore I had to overhear his rubbish.

I guess I could see why Greg was a ladies’ man; he did seem to turn a lot of heads. His tall statute towered over me at 5’4. I would guess him to be about 6’3, and his muscles bulged from under his tank top that was two sizes too small. Which to boot revealed his washboard abs and his lean waist. He had bronzed skin, jet black hair and sky blue eyes. I assume the humans looked past all the blasphemous behavior in return for his company.

Aside from Greg there was Jessie who pretty much kept to himself, but he seemed polite. He was rocking a gothic style with his midnight blue streaks in his black spike hair, and his snake bite piercings. He usually had his earphones in jamming out to some music, or he was on the phone with his girlfriend. Though he kept reserved, I could tell from his thoughts that they fought a lot.

Then there was jay, who is his opinion was god’s gift to women, ironic choice of words coming from a goddess herself. Anyway, he had been robbed in the looks department, but you could say his body made up for it. He usually went for the American girls, mostly because they adored his Italian accent. It was really the only card he had to play. So it was usually him and Greg comparing notes Monday morning.

Last but not least there was Leo; he was very friendly but strange. He was a skinny red headed Irish guy from New York. I never heard him mention any special person in his life, and I made it a point to distance myself from all their personnel lives on the chance they may invite me out.

Zoe’s was a famous shop, and we were short from a slow day. The fact that I was pretty much prodigious at everything helped me fit in vigorously.

My first client was one of my regulars, and she was obsessed with butterflies. I swear every week it was something new; I must have done at least twelve so far. This was the longest place I have been able to dwell without being made. I was going on six months now, and I have to say I was beginning to like this place more every day.

It wasn’t that I didn’t care for the humans; I just found their race tedious, selfish and ill mannered. Actually it was free entertainment to say the least, and working in a tattoo shop had its share of gossip. People were more than willing to spill their deepest secrets to complete strangers.

The thing that set Zoe’s apart from your average shop was the eccentric art display they kept. Zoe was an Italian artist, and her work was extraordinary. Her most inexpensive piece will run you about twenty thousand, but it was well worth it.

Another typical Monday had ended as I climbed the stairs to my apartment, yet one more perquisite, having endurance. I was attractive I thought in my eyes, though a few more inches to my height wouldn’t hurt. My physique was lean and muscular, but in a feminine form. I thought my malachite eyes complimented my pale skill delicately.

I finally reached my door, where I would wait inside for night to fall. Probably first engulfing myself into another love tale until then. As I turned the key, I heard my neighbor Jeremiah’s door open.

“Hey Seriah,” He greeted me anxiously.

“Good evening Jeremiah,” I returned as I vanished inside my apartment.

He had asked me about a few times, and I politely declined. It just seemed his persistence was going to get him into a dangerous predicament.

I changed into my blue silk gown and seated myself in the leather recliner that faced the picture window. I opened my latest book and waited for the sun to set.

The End

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