The clock towerMature

The silence of the city at night relaxed me, and the darkness sucked me in. The essence of my veiled identity made me unique in many senses. As I am the only of my kind in existence, my survival is crucial. Half vampire and half goddess, I have much dynamism. Inside the vastness of such power, conveys many assailants. It becomes lonely, shifting from place to place to secure my continuance. That is until he came along, the temptation to know him, the desire to be with him.

The sheer black lace hugged my body during my descent from the clock tower. The brisk night air brushed my pale face, and the snowflakes kissed my blood red lips. My emerald eyes scanned the streets before preparing for berth. It was like any other night in Bolzano Italy, the view was breath taking. The cold stone paved streets lay before my feet as I walked amongst the darkness as always. Carefully masking in the shadows, I waited for my spoil. The requisite for blood, I admit at first disgusted me, but I grew accustomed to it. As the blood intake gave me strength, it was not a necessity to live. The goddess half of me was strong to, but the blood gave me abilities my goddess side lacked. Like the ability to sense feeling much more intensely, and gift of mind reading. Both halves gave me the curse of immortality, and I longed to know the feeling of being human.

Moments later I spotted a red haired woman off guard, walking to her car after a late night shift at the hotel Hanny.  I was quick, and I made steady she did not endure much pain. My gift of compulsion also came in handy, I was no killer. Well I guess I should make clear I do not kill the innocent, it’s only in self defense that death has forced my hand.

The goddess half of me gave me the freedom to walk among the people, but I could only drink at night. It just so happened to be the most gratified time to be out in my opinion. Of course to blend in, I had to pretend to live a normal human life. As ironic as it sounds, being part vampire, I worked in a tattoo shop by day. It was a relentless waste of time, but I had no other activities to grab my attention nevertheless.

I lived on the 17th floor of my building, and the reason being it was the closest floor to the clock tower. This was my place of Zen, and I often spent many nights admiring the city from up there. Another perk of being me the necessity for sleep is absent, hence the countless hours to pass before returning to the human world. I have partaken in poetry and other writing of this era. I find some of them quite romantic as I get lost in the stories of love.

The possibility of my own love story is but a myth; the boundaries of which I cannot cross include copulating with the human race. The fact that I have to live in seclusion has less to none chances of running into another God or vampire that I can tolerate. So I just pretend for that one moment of happiness that I am the damsel in the love story.

The sun is about to salute the horizon and I must revert back to my apartment.  Dubious to Embark on another pathetic day, as I attempt to remain invisible from those who seek me out.


The End

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