Pit and the Pendulum Ending RewriteMature

This is an ending rewrite to The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allen Poe. I intend no copyright infringement on the original work.

...The room had been square. I saw that two of it's iron angles were now acute--two, consequently, obtuse. Fear became an immense aroma within the pit. My iron cage decreases with a heart-aching growl of anger. I struggled to find a way to stop the forceful walls. Scrambling for a hope of a longer life--my heart jumped--my aching fingers had managed to push in part of the enclosing wall. A sickening roar began to fill my ears, but with such an agonizing sound, it brought the hope I had been longing--a section changed it course. It began vertically revealing another enclosure, which looked of no harm. 

 I dived into the strange room. My heart was racing. I had been freed from my deadly encasement. With a steady breath, I surveyed my new enclosure, revealing nothing but the familiar darkness. I outstretched my arm hoping for an object with in reach. My blind attempt had failed causing me to follow the vapor-covered walls. A faint hum slowed my pace. It was the mere sound of tears flowing down the cheeks of a young girl. I stopped ans spoke to her with a slow, calm tone.

 Our conversing led to knowledge almost unbearable to be heard. Her words pierced my every desire to live--she spoke of such an agonizing world. She, as I, were victims of the gut-wrenching  pain of society. I was no longer prevailing for my own will to live on, but for the darling child's.

 I began furiously begging the quadrangle to reveal a flicker of light. The child instructed me towards a minute chest adjacent to her. I raised the top covering and inserted my hand, retrieving a golden key. The child had maneuvered to my side enticing my with the lighthearted lore of our impending escape. She had been leaning against a door matching the key, but was warned not to leave or would apprehend a disastrous punishment.

 With the knowledge I had ascertained from the frightened child, I mustered up the courage to reveal what was lurking beyond the door. I slowly inserted the key into the lock and with a shuddering click, the key had served its purpose. My heart began thumping faster as I grasped the cold door handle. With a shaky hand, I slowly opened the door, divulging the blinding light  of the outside world. Before my sight could regain, a numbing feeling permeated my only being. The shuddering outcry of a gunshot perforated my ears as my vision cancelled.

The End

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