At walmart there are all kinds, heros and pirates.

It was another day at walmart.  Like the commercials says, " you can get it all at walmart".  Briggs had worked in this god forsaken place for 18 months 3 days and 16 hours.   He had taken the job to save his home, his wife, his lifestyle.  He had been a vice president of marketing but now was a checker at counter 1.  He had lost his house, his wife and his life.  All it was is not what he was living now.  His life was pretty much gone and he had this 8.25 per hour job.  This job was a long way from the 100k per year and the  new house the cars and the "I got it made "attitude. 

That will be 58.34, no you don't need to fill out the check, it will automatically do it for you.  Press the button that says yes.  I agree.

Boy are these people dumb.

"have a great day, thanks for shopping at walmart". 

Briggs dreamed of being a pirate I suppose to fill the neeed he had for something that had less demands than the 8 hours a day a chicken feed money.  Hell polutry was expenisve and he had to let it go and trade down for a greasy big mac with too much sauce.   It did come with fries and a coke.  The good life 

 No sir don't worry about the 20 item limit that's just fine.  Ya ,the weather man is talking about snow and rain, on Tuesday and Thursday I guess it's that time of year.   Briggs thought why is he living  here with bad weather a crappy job and checking this idiot with 35 items in a 20 item line.   AARR.

That will be 93.65, oh you have some coupons,  he didn't say dumb ass but god this was the pits. 

That will be 92.95,  no you don't need to fill out the check the machine will do that for you.  Hit the yes I agree button .  thank you have a great day, thanks for shopping at walmart. 

Briggs thought of the pirates and figured it had to be better than this, watching the fat woman ,in the too tight green top, buying the ice cream and diet pepsi.  Maybe she thought it would even out.  So go figure.

Briggs just had one hour to go, wondering where the worthless manager was hiding wating and watching him, trying to get him fired.   That bastard was only 23 and Briggs was 58.  So go figure

Briggs didn't shave, his stubble strong and greying, hell with it, takes too much time to shave, I'll shave when this place pays me 100K. 

Briggs thought of the pirates and the high seas and the search for treasure and every thing else.   He could be a pirate.  He could.

"Mr. Briggs. Could I see you in my office after your shift".  

Oh, yea sure.  Briggs replied.

Sneaky little bastard, manger, probably going to write him up again.  Briggs new this was more than likely going to be number 2 in the write up scheme.    He would have the chance to present his side of what ever complaint the manager had but he could'nt win.  The way the economy  was presently it gave the company the right to treat their employees like crap and they had to just take it ,so they could keep their jobs and pay the bills.  Bastard.

May I help you,  isle 5 cosmetics, do you want me to page them?   Yes right over there to the left.   Briggs kept pointing as the woman looked back over her shoulder to make sure she was headed the right way.


Briggs looked at his watch, 20 minutes left and then to the manager offiice to get blammed for something, try to defend himself and leave with a write up with one to go.  Pirates neve got write ups and they made dumb leaders walk the plank, drown or get ate by a shark that's  Ocean justice, Pirate justice.



The End

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